New frames for Loose Leaf

Rory Switzer, best known as drummer for Yes Sir Noceur, has been let loose and in the process has put together a killer new band comprising members from local outfits such as Lotus Ship and Nine Sons of Dan. Loose Leaf’s debut single ‘Death Perception’ off their yet to be released EP was delivered to the internets and airwaves mid-March and a little soiree to celebrate its birth on drew an enormous crowd. We caught up with the Rory to find out what happened to the old band, and how the new project came about. 

What happened to Yes Sir Noceur?

I wish I had something more scandalous for you, but the fact is that the band hasn’t called it quits; we’ve just been on sabbatical. All of us still hang out and play music together, I mean three out of the four of us still live together. We’re just taking a break from shows and recording new material for the moment.

We last saw Yes Sir Noceur play at GC Music Awards last April. Since then you released some solo material and got a band together – can you tell me about the past year? 

That’s right! Well for starters, I made amends with my mother across the pond… I had actually forgotten her birthday the week prior to the GCMA’s so to make it up to her, I had the entire crowd wish her a happy birthday. It took a while but she’s come around and forgiven me… She’s a sucker for Aussie accents, especially when a couple hundred of them are yelling her name!

Shortly following that event, I went into the studio with producer Brad Hosking to begin recording my first solo record. I had been postponing the endeavour since my early 20’s, never having the courage or confidence in my song writing to bring it all to fruition. I guess those internal voices of uncertainly began to subside once I arrived at the doorstep of my 30’s.

I had recently left a long-term job and was aimlessly floating around in search of some meaning and purpose. As it turns out, I found it in the songs I had been writing. They, like me, had needed time to mature.

Once I honed in on the tunes I wanted to form my debut E.P with, I hit up Brad and began laying down tracks at blind boy studios.  The last half of 2017 saw the final touches on mixing, finding a band to learn the songs and creating a name for the new project. I burnt through more names over the course of those last 3 months than most expecting parents…

Who are your fellow Loose Leaf band members and how did you go about recruiting them?  

Loose Leaf was meticulously put together after running candidates through a series of challenges not dissimilar to what the navy seals are put through in ‘hell week’. The band comprises of: Luke Johnson/Drums, Ondre Davis/Guitar and yours truly on Vocals/Guitar, with a rotating bassist. You have to be able to hold your breath under water for a minimum of three minutes whilst playing your given instrument in order to join Loose Leaf, and bassists are infamously known for being short-breathed.

Can you describe Loose Leaf’s music for me? 

Loose Leaf sounds like the feeling you get when you remember where you left your keys after looking for an hour.

How did the single launch at ArtHaus Projects go? 

The single launch went off! We were hoping to get 50-60 people out on the night and ended up with well over 100 in a 150 capacity venue. To top it off, we ended up raising nearly $800 for local charity ‘Soul Soup Australia. Win/win.

You’ve got a couple of additional tracks up your sleeve. How will you roll out these new songs. 

Yes, this current E.P ‘FRAMES’ has five tracks, two of which are being released as singles, with the record being released in its entirety mid-June ’18. We will re-enter the studio and begin the recording of Loose Leaf’s follow-up EP in May this year. This first EP was both written and performed by me, whereas I will be bringing the newly formed band in for the second record.

I know you’re keen to build a profile here as well as your native Canada. How will you go about that? 

The long-term goal is to be able to base the band out of Southeast Queensland whilst nurturing a Canadian fan base. Although the two places are night and day in terms of weather, the creative climates are very similar. First step is a cross-Canada tour being lined up for July 2019. In addition, we will be looking to get involved with Canadian Music Week next year, and will be servicing our material to Canadian community radio and blogs in hopes to gain some traction in the homeland.

What’s been the response to your debut single ‘Depth Perception’ to date?

The local response to our debut single has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve had some amazing support from 91.7 ABC Gold Coast who premiered the track and invited us in for a live performance. This, along with additional support from the crew at AAA-Backstage, Queensland Music, and of course Blank Gold Coast, has allowed the track to reach more ears than we could have imagined for a debut release.

What’s next for Loose Leaf? 

Next step is the release of our second single from the ‘FRAMES’ EP hitting the airwaves and stages late April. Keep your ears to the ground, Gold Coast!

Check out ‘Depth Perception’ below.

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