Midnight Oil | The Collections: Album review


The reformed Midnight Oil are back, and the teenagers and twenty-somethings of the 1980’s and 90’s have got daggy dancing moves ready to go. To celebrate, the Oils have released some pretty cool collections for fans of the band.

The FULL TANK has the complete catalogue of albums, two EPs and the 40,000 Watt RSL DVD. The real collectors will want the other two offerings.

The OVERFLOW TANK includes four CDs and eight DVDs with songs stretching from 1970s home recordings through unreleased tracks from 10-1 and Blue Sky Mining to cover versions and B sides from the 1990s. Among the DVD contents are an incendiary Oils set from 1981’s Tanelorn Festival, a full 1994 stadium concert in South Africa, an MTV Unplugged performance and their iconic mid-80’s gig on Sydney’s Goat Island. Also included is the Chiko Locallo (B Sides and Rarities) CD, which includes the band’s stellar version of Nick Lowe’s, (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding, previously only available as the B side to their 1987 single Put Down That Weapon. This is the real collector’s piece and there are tracks and footage that may only be only old cassette tapes in the garage, or the old VHS tapes in the cupboard.

The VINYL COLLECTION is just that. Basically the OVERFLOW TANK on vinyl. A great collection of some awesome work by one of Australia’s best ever bands. Also I dare you to listen the first four releases (Midnight Oil, Head Injuries, Bird Noises, and Place Without a Postcard) and you will see what the vibe was all about before they became huge. Brilliant instrumental work and outstanding vocals from Peter Garrett… Like the old Castrol advertisement used to say… Oils Ain’t Oils….

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