New home, new video, new music for CC

New home, new video, new music for CCWhat sparked the move to northern NSW?

I fell in love with a delicious man down here, and I was ready for a change and an adventure, and was interested in a lot of the music and culture coming out of the Northern Rivers, so I packed up my swag and relocated! I miss the Gold Coast every day, I’m so connected to that country, but I’m starting to find my magic down here and feel more at home.


What’s the best thing about the GC music scene?

It’s so unpretentious. Gold Coast musicians are so down to earth and really support each other. Also great arts/music hubs like Rabbit+Cocoon that are popping up. And of course, Blank Magazine! For realz!


Tell me about the process of making your recent video?

The making of the Brand New Day video was super fun. I called my friend and video artist Polly Snowden and was like, I need to make this music video, I’ve got f*ck all budget, what can we do for this amount? I was really lucky that she agreed to help me out. So we got up at 3.00am and shot the whole thing in a day with Polly’s superman sidekick Genghis Tuan, and then edited it over a couple of weeks. Polly was like seven months pregnant when we shot that video and in a couple of the key underwater shots there was a giant pregnant lady accidentally caught in the background! We cropped her out though. The response has been great.


How did the music of your childhood influence the music you make now? 

I grew up on classical music under the influence of my mum who’s a classical music nut. We (my five siblings and I) all learnt piano and violins and flutes and brass and it was a really great training ground. We all sang from a young age and learnt how to harmonise, so I’ve been gifted with a really thorough music education which has given me a lot of skills to work with when directing the band and arranging tunes and making recordings. I only picked up guitar in my twenties but it was an easy transition with so much music running through my veins and my fingertips.


Who inspires you?

Amanda Fucking Palmer. Bjork. Leonie Dawson. Eden Riley. Felicity Lawless. My band mates. My yoga teachers. My mum and dad. Oh and I just did an interview with Dallas Frasca on how she kicks so much butt in the music biz, on my blog Freedom Junkie. We’re playing the Hotel Brunswick together on 31 May. You should come!

Read CC’s interview with Dallas Frasca at her blog, The Freedom Junkie.

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CC The Cat plays a truckload of shows every month:

FRI 29 May | Wickham Hotel Roots in the Garden (full band) 7.00pm

SUN 31 May | Hotel Brunswick with Dallas Frasca (full band) 4.00pm. Free show, family friendly.

TUE 2 June | New Brighton Farmers Markets (duo) 8.00am

FRI 19 June | Wickham Hotel Roots in the Garden (Full band) 7.00pm

FRI 26 June | Soundlounge with Felicity Lawless + Ladi Abundance (Full band) 7.30pm


Link for online embed: here.

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