NightQuarter unveils ‘Maggie’

Gold Coast cultural icon, NightQuarter has unveiled an exciting collaboration with local artist Tracie Eaton.

Magdalene, nicknamed ‘our Maggie’ has taken residence at the popular Helensvale entertainment precinct, NightQuarter and will be a permanent and popular fixture within the creative grounds.

Maggie is a mannequin painted by a local Gold Coast artist, Tracie Eaton, designed to portray a woman then… and a woman now.

Maggie, named after Mary Magdalene (a young girl from the village of Magdala who famously resisted the traditional roles of women in society) is the purveyor of the sense of cultural pride that NightQuarter embodies.

Maggie proudly calls The Paddock @ NightQuarter home and has found solace in our incubation of local talent, enabling the uninhibited celebration of local artists and creators.

Michelle Christoe, Director of NightQuarter is proud to work with the local artist to bring Maggie to life.

“As a personification of the changing public face of society through the ages, Maggie dispels the cultural or societal limitations imposed on women and celebrates the intrinsic freedom of expression we all now share,” she says

Ms Christoe adds, “Here’s the thing… we live in a different society now and we can now unashamedly express who we are creatively and spiritually without judgement and here at NightQuarter, we proudly support all shapes, sizes and kinds of local talent.”

Maggie debuts in her purposed built ‘residence’ within The Paddock at NightQuarter from Friday September 28, and will be a permanent part of the fabric of NightQuarter.

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