No Name Lane brings alleyway vibe to Broadbeach

3 Oracle Boulevard, Broadbeach

Tucked away in Broadbeach’s Oracle precinct in dappled sunlight lies No Name Lane, a coffee shop that has successfully combined the Melbourne alleyway vibe with Gold Coast’s laid back attitude.

No Name Lane was recommended to me by a colleague who lives locally and is a regular customer. On the day we stop by the café is busy with locals, like my colleague, and tourists staying in the precinct stopping by to grab a cup on their way to explore our golden shores.

The café has a simple and modern interior of wood, exposed brick and contemporary pendant lighting and, whilst relatively small in size, there is a variety of seating options on offer inside and out.

No Name Lane use Black Sheep Coffee’s feeling woolly blend in their white coffees, which was sampled in a smooth butter caramel and malt chocolate flavoured piccolo and latte. Both very drinkable with the piccolo having a slightly stronger taste than the latte.

For their black coffee the single origin on offer was the Black Sheep Coffee’s Guatemalan Volcan de Oro, an espresso which had an intriguing flavour of black cherry and spice, mellow to taste, but with a tinge of citrus that lingers on the palate.

Lastly, even though it was a cool day, I had to try their cold drip which is made with 3rd Crack Coffee Brokerage’s three bean blend. This is one of the best cold drip coffees I have tried, with an aroma like mulled wine with flavours of black currant and a hint of lemon peel. Delightfully sweet without any added sugar, I believe this little beverage would be the bee’s knees on a hot summer day.  Whilst I didn’t get a chance on this visit, No Name Lane also makes a filtered coffee on the 3rd Crack blend, which I am hoping to try in the near future.

No Name Lane is open 7 days a week 6.30am to 5.00pm. Whether you are a local or a tourist wandering the streets of Broadbeach, I recommend you make a caffeinated trip down No Name Lane.  Catherine Coburn

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