Periphery djent their way down under for full Australian tour

It hasn’t been all that long since we last had a visit from heavy hitting djenters Periphery. Just over a year ago in fact when they toured with the legendary Devin Townsend. Since then they’ve released a new album, released four singles, toured non-stop and received a Grammy nomination for “best metal performance”. Busy to say the least.

Come February, Periphery return for a headlining tour in light of their most recent album Periphery III: Select Difficulty. Playing Brisbane’s own Max Watts February 2nd and we got to speak to the power behind the drums, Matt Halpern.

The new album sees the band pushing their limits once again, writing songs that push their own boundaries. When asked about the difficulties of writing and playing the new songs live, Matt explains,

“It’s a tough record man. It’s just a very demanding record from a drumming perspective, so I’m really proud of it and I’m really humbled by the experience that I got to have.”

He goes on to describe how he enjoys having band members that can push him beyond his limits.

“I like the challenge of not having any boundaries when we write music.” He adds. And unfortunately, don’t expect anything new for some time.

“We’re taking some times off from that (writing). We’re kind of writing very casually for fun when inspiration strikes but there’re no plans in the works right now for any new material.”

Lucky for us, we have an impressive back catalogue to keep us rolling on until the next album. The last time we saw the boys down here, they had a supporting slot with good friends The Devin Townsend Project.

Matt speaks about the experience saying, “That was a lot of fun. We love touring with those guys. They’re very, very good friends of ours and to do it one of our favourite places to tour was really quite a treat. I don’t know if you know this but Australia is definitely up there as one of my absolute favourite places to go and perform.”

Their performance at those shows put metal veteran Devin up against some competition, blowing the crowd away. So one can only imagine how amazing a full slot could provide us with. Expect yourself one of the best live performances you’ve seen.

“We all love touring in Australia, it’s one of our favourite places to visit. We’re going to have a great time.” Matt tells us, explaining that they prefer to make the shows more intimate and make them an experience.

In his own words “Come and say hey! We’ll do our best to be available and to be accessible. Rather than it just being a concert, we’d rather have it as something that is like an experience for everybody where we all get to go into it and be together, go through it together.”

If you have never had the chance to catch Periphery live, now is the time. If you have seen them, then you know exactly why you can’t miss this show.


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