PREMIERE: Watch Cowboy Cameraman by Felicity Lawless

Weilding her two favourite things – a sword and a guitar – local flamenco goddess Felicity Lawless stars in her own video clip for new single Cowboy Cameraman.

Launched today, it’s the lead track off Felicity’s yet to be released album Tails. 

The album was recorded in the Love Street Studios with highly regarded Gold Coast producer Scott French.

“The recording process with Scott is like two kids playing together with awesome toys,” Felicity said. “Whatever we imagine, we indulge and create. He is a big part of the arranging.”

Felicity’s video, recorded at a popular Gold Coast cafe is full of very familiar faces.

Watch the video here, then read on:


Felicity spoke to Blank GC about the new record just before the new year. Not surprisingly, she told us the “whole Gold Coast contingent” plays on the record.

“Scotty French, Alex Elfes, Nastaij (Annie), Brennan Smith, trumpeter Matt parker,” she reels them off, before sharing a story about the protagonist in the track, Cowboy Cameraman.

“He’s got a pretty epic story of having gone to war and had a big realisation – a wakeup in the middle of it all – and then finding myself,” Felicity said.

“He met Rebecca Cunningham at a coffee shop and started filming a lot of musicians for free for experience. He’s had this realisation that he’s going to give to the community and get skills up at the same time.”

And Felicity says the film clip is absolutely a collaborative effort.

“I basically got a crew together of the most bohemian individuals I could find on the Gold Coast. I’m playing myself, which is a guitar and sword-weilding superhero and it’s about the superhero within all of us.”

Made by Cowboy Cameraman himself (Damian Lang Productions), Felicity says it’s a Hollywood epic in the style of Kill Bill with some mariachi and Mexican dance party vibes thrown in for good measure.”


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Catch Felicity Lawless live over the next two weekends:

5 March, Miami Marketta

6 March, Brisbane Powerhouse

11 March, Southport Sharks


Feature photo: Leisen Standen | Lamp Photography


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