Rackett: Alive and Goin’ Crazy With Daisy

Righteously rocking NSW 4 piece Rackett have certainly left an indelible impression on discerning music fans recently. Currently torching stages and blowing minds on their massive, 19 date ‘Rockin’ The Puburbs’ national tour in celebration of their smashing new single, ‘Alive’, Rackett were one of the highlights of the recent Ozfest at the Miami Shark Bar, impressing everyone who saw them with their varied and powerful rock stylings, delivered with equal parts panache and swagger.

And the great news is that they’re back here again to parade their impressive live chops this coming Saturday, 10 March, as part of the ‘Daisy Went Crazy’ Festival line-up at Burleigh Brewing. This brand new festival seeks to showcase women in music (every band appearing on the bill has at least one female band member), and ties in with International Women’s Day celebrations. They’ll no doubt be one of the highlights of the festival, and in the lead up we got the chance to chat with the band on their rather epic last six months.

You’re in the middle of a massive 19 date national tour. How have you been enjoying it? And has there been a show or tour moment that has stood out as a particular highlight so far?

Playing live is like entering a magical loophole in time. Highlights from the tour so far have been seeing people in the audience crowd surf for the first time, playing in places for the first time we’ve never known we had fans, for example, Byron Bay, three hundred people rocked up and that was very shocking. Seeing people we’ve never met before in the front row singing our lyrics.

You were here on the Gold Coast earlier in the tour as part of the Ozfest line-up at the Miami Shark Bar. What was that like? And did you manage to have a beer with those hard drinking, elder statesmen of Oz punk-rock, The Cosmic Psychos!?

That was a trashy show and that’s exactly how we like it. We’re friends with the Psychos from back when we played with them for the VB Hard Yards so, yes, it was nice to see them again. Highlight from that show was watching and meeting the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, one of the best bands in Australia.

When I saw you at Ozfest I was impressed by the diverse array of sounds and influences that came through in your music. Do you all have quite eclectic musical tastes, and what are some of your favourite/most influential artists?

We are musically influenced by Black Sabbath and visually influenced by The Spice Girls.

You’re back here on the Gold Coast again as part of the ‘Daisy Went Crazy’ festival at Burleigh Brewing. It’s in celebration of International Women’s Day, and features a female-centric line up of performers. How has it been for you as an all-female act looking to bust out and make a mark in what has traditionally been perceived as a male dominated industry? Or do you feel that there’s a lot more equality and acceptance out there these days for girls that rock?

Our viewpoint is that ‘musicianship’ should be the premise when it comes to the credibility and popularity of a band. To us, it’s not a question of gender equality it’s a question of skill, male or female, and in some ways the push for equality is perpetuating a quota for females to fill on bills, skills or not.

Your smashing new single, ‘Alive’, was totally written, recorded and produced by yourselves. Is this something you would consider doing again with future material?

We will continue to produce, record and mix ourselves, that is unless Jack White offers to do it! It wasn’t difficult to pull off, we are all skilled in our own ways beyond the mechanical performance on a recording. Astrid and Kat are producers, studio engineers and mixing engineers and have a recording studio which we use in Marrickville.

You’ve really made some big waves on the Oz music scene in a relatively short space of time. After this tour, what’s in store next for the band for the remainder of 2018?

We’ve got a lot more music to release, we’re just trying to consciously curate releases that compliment each other and develop a story and relationship with our fans based on their reactions and feedback. So please, send us your feedback, we are listening x

Be sure to catch Rackett (and give ’em your feedback while you’re at it!) when they kick out the jams as part of the Daisy Went Crazy music festival at Burleigh Brewing on Saturday, 10 March. There’ll also be a whole heap of other kick-arse acts appearing across the festival, which is being billed as ‘a celebration of babes in bands.’

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