Review: Klubnight | From the Whiteboard

From the whiteboard is the first EP released by local Gold Coast emerging artists, Brett Sellwood and Chris Lamaro, otherwise known as Klubknight.

The duo have both held a strong individual presence in the underground club scene, banding together in 2013 to create this electronic dance project of hard-edged techno club beats which has received nothing but praise from local industry professionals.

The five track EP holds its own when it comes to deep dark production coming out of Australia, maintaining its smooth evolving progression of strong marching drum beats, crunchy bass, revisited reworked 90s rave synths, illusive sweeps and echoed vocals that seem phantasmagorical.

There’s darkness and light, melancholy and an underworld feel to the tracks, a theme between Sin City and a GameBoy Game.

Wonton, the EP’s third track, keeps you guessing, with a slower eerie rave intro that alternates with stabby synth bass drops, the sound of electricity raising the hair on your neck as the breakdown brings you into a throw down of a track, raising the vibe back to a quirky hands in the air fun time.

From the Whiteboard’s non stop drops make you feel like you should be in five deep in an atmosphere like an abandoned church or underground basement party in London.

This EP might not be up everyone’s dark alley; being designed to appeal to those who already have affection for the new sound coming out of the electronic music scene. But, for those who do, From the Whiteboard will not disappoint.

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