REVIEW: Liam Finn | The Nihilist

Liam Finn’s latest offering in the form of his third album The Nihilist is one that is compositionally interesting.

Opening track Ocean Emanuelle rolls out awesome Sleepy Jackson-esque sounds while track two The Nihilist mixes that sound with Arcade Fire’s beautiful soundscapes. Finn has a track nestled in the middle named after famous actress Helena Bonham Carter, and the lyrics are one you must listen to. The album feels almost dreamlike in its layers of fuzz, reverb and synth notes: every track a showcase of Finn’s years of experience in the music industry.

Drearydroop melodically casts back to Finn’s debut album with psychedelic rock flowing through the track in an encompassing wave of sound. The Nihilist clocks in at just shy of an hour which is impressive when pop artists today release mere 40 minute offerings.

Liam Finn has progressed so far from playing in Betchadupa, who were famous for My Army of Birds and Gulls and Supa Day, and also from his debut album I’ll Be Lightning which spawned singles Second Chance and Better to Be. Liam Finn has played opening slots for various large acts, such as grunge giants Pearl Jam as well as playing alongside alternative rock quirk Connan Mockasin. This album slots smoothly into today’s music scene and will be an excellent reason for Liam Finn to tour Australia again. We hope.

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    These pictures are aulsobtely amazing. I kept picking a favorite than moving down a bit and finding a whole new one. As a photograph, Magical Finn looks incredible, but I think my favorite place to surf and catch a wave would be the Molten Wave. Great Photos! Excellent Job!

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