REVIEW: Tora | Tora

Tora the self-titled EP by Byron Bay band Tora is a stunningly beautiful homage to the new genre of chill wave. Calming Her a single from the EP mixes electronic sounds with gentle vocals and entices you to appreciate a soft breeze and a gorgeous vista, clear signs their home has left its impact on their music. Future Man is a throwback to Bon Iver tracks like Woods, and a starry night spent on picnic rugs with mates fills your mind as this five-piece band takes you on a journey. Toby Tunis, Jo Loewenthal, Jai Piccone, Thorne Davis, Shaun Johnston make up Tora, derived from the Greek word for ‘now’ and it’s easy to see why they have already supported such acts as Sticky Fingers and Bootleg Rascal. No One Real is a personal favourite; with a slightly stronger lyrical presence the song is a swelling sound-scape that seduces the soul with a glitter that belies the relatively young age of the band members. I cannot recommend this EP enough as balm for the heart, a moment for the mind and bliss for the ears. This year is sure to be a big one for a band who subtly sneaks into your subconscious.

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