REVIEW: TSUN | Indo Chaudhuri

Local dream psych astral-planers TSUN have set their controls for the heart of the sun and tapped into a mystical 60’s aural potpourri on their latest single, the aptly titled Indro Chaudhuri.

With a mantra-like vocal line relying less on the upfront voice prowess of front man Karl S Williams and its swirling, eastern channeling vibes, including a sitar drenched middle section, together with spoken word interlude beaming in like an alien radio broadcast, the track is a pleasing progression in the ongoing ascension of this quality act residing on our very own doorstep.

Clocking in at a touch over three minutes, Indro Chaudhuri is also their most succinct (and possibly most radio compatible) musical statement to date. To steal a line from that hatted musical jester of yesteryear, Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum, ‘ do yourself a favour…’ Indo Chaudhuri is currently available as a digital download via TSUN’s bandcamp page.

Listen to Indo Chaudhuri here:


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