Rocking well with Chelsea Rockwells

Finalists for three categories of the Gold Coast Music Awards and with killer songs and a bangin’ video in their arsenal, Chelsea Rockwells are turning heads locally and across mainstream radio for their unforgiving approach to rock. They came in at #75 on 4ZZZ’s Hot 100, scored supports for Thirsty Merc and Screaming Jets and this month unleash their debut EP Eleven Vol 1 with a launch show at Hard Rock Café.

We caught up with drummer Sean Dalton ahead of the band’s mini-tour and debut release and we started by talking about the band’s finalist berth in the Hard Rock Rising competition which brought them to the attention of the local music industry.

We were actually mid way through recording (the EP) at Loose Stones Studios the week of the first heat, so it was a pretty full on week,” Sean said of the competition. “We finished a full day of recording then went straight to the show.

Sean says the band’s experience at Loose Stones was humbling. Working with people like Matt Bartlem, Zach Hylton and Forrester Savell meant Chelsea Rockwells was pushed to take their music to the next level. 

There’s still a lot of pressure going into the studio without a big record label budget though,” Sean said. “You don’t have time to waste, so you have to be prepared and well-rehearsed.”

The response so far has been very positive,” Sean said. “These are the very first songs we’ve put out into the world, so we’re stoked with the response,” he said of the lead tracks off the EP.

“I think Aztec and Stone were a good introduction to the sound of the EP but I think tracks like Night Time Falls and Chasing The Sun offer a little more depth and variety.”

The band’s video for Stone sees them as a finalist for GC Music Awards Video of the Year and Sean says that visual component is important.

Music and visuals go together hand in hand but can also make or break a song. I’ve seen many videos that have almost ruined a good song for me because I associate the two together.”

“Videos are also an essential part of the release process these days, just look at how many views music videos accumulate on YouTube. The glory days of MTV may be dead, but people clearly still enjoy a good music video,” he said.

Chelsea Rockwells is headed back into the studio soon to record new songs and Sean says they haven’t really stopped writing since recording the EP.

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Chelsea Rockwells will hit Hard Rock Café, presented by Blank Gold Coast on Friday 21 April with The Blackwater Fever + Paging Jimi in support



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    These dudes have amazing energy! Love em

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