Kingdom Of Tales with Sophia Marzano

Sophia Marzano is a singer / songwriter from Canberra promoting her debut album ‘Kingdom Of Tales’ on the Gold Coast. We caught up with Sophia and her family after her performance at the Tugun Surf Life Saving Club.

What are your musical influences?

Artists that inspire me to perform and/or write songs are Sia, Ariana Grande, Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, The Chainsmokers, Lorde, Kate Bush, Queen, The Beatles and Barbra Streisand. Each artist has something in common and brings something unique to the music business.  

When was ‘Kingdom Of Tales’ first released?

‘Kingdom Of Tales’ was released on my website on 21 December 2017 and is still yet to be released on international music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and more.

Where the inspiration came from the two songs, ‘Twinkle’ and ‘Mermaids’?

‘Twinkle’ was the second song I wrote from my ‘Kingdom Of Tales’ album. I took inspiration from one of my all-time favourite passions….astronomy. There’s something about the night sky that connects with me and learning about galaxies, planets and other possible life forms (etc) that has given me the honour to compose and write songs based on celestial objects. ‘Twinkle’ is about shining, exactly like a star in the sky. Work to achieve your dreams regardless of your history. “Don’t take your time, it’s time to shine”.

‘Mermaids’ is a song about believing in moments or ‘things’ that you are told are impossible to be true. It is an appreciation song with a magical twist, about the beautiful views the beaches and oceans provide for us. The song is aimed to inspire people to stay young at heart and to keep on believing in those ‘magic’ moments we all hopefully get to experience. This song in particular was inspired by the Gold Coast.

What was your inspiration for the ‘Kingdom Of Tales’ album?

The inspiration behind my album was comprised by a wonderful variety of experiences I had throughout 2016-2017. Being inspired by alternative artists – such as Queen – and striving to express myself in a unique way. I found my song writing niche being more of an alternative-pop artist. The songs in ‘Kingdom Of Tales’ represent the themes of light-heartedness, identity, individuality, standing up for yourself and being unique. Each song has, in their own unique way, an uplifting message about individuality or beauty.

‘Kingdom Of Tales’, title of my debut album was inspired by all my songs, especially the two songs titled ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Mermaids’. I came up with this title because I saw my music as its own, magical ‘kingdom’ where stories or fairy ’tales’ were shared through each song. My music, even though it seems ‘young’ or light hearted, contains hidden meanings that only those willing to listen will discover.

For more about Sophia, visit her website.


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