Spiderbait talk Falls Festival, Splendour and World Cup

Kram, the energetic and highly talented lead singer/drummer of Australian band Spiderbait talked to Kyle Butcher from a busy cab ride about the Soccer World Cup, playing Splendour in the Grass and Spiderbait’s first album in over 8 years.

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Kram had spent the previous weeks overseas watching the Soccer World Cup, reporting back to Triple J’s Doctor on the scores as well as the Aussie spirit over in Brazil. When I got on the phone to Kram he was directing a cabdriver after making a few wrong turns and spoke of how awesome the world cup was.

“It was amazing. I was lucky enough to watch Australia play Holland and when we (Australia) went 2-1 up it was electrifying, an amazing moment. It didn’t last long because we lost 3-2 but it was all worth it. Brazil was amazing. I got back a week or two ago, I didn’t stay for the final so I wasn’t there when Brazil got completely smashed by Germany.”

Kram was excited to play Splendour with Spiderbait, and for good reason. Kram lives close to Splendour now, a few suburbs away and speaks fondly of the festival that is basically in his backyard.

“Splendour is kind of our home festival even though most of the band comes from Melbourne. It’s a festival we’ve played so many times over the years and Jess Ducrou, the owner of Splendour is such a great friend of ours and a supporter of the band, so we’ve played pretty much every two years at Splendour. It’s a festival that’s very close to our hearts and we’ve had some of our best gigs there. I find it really inspiring to play there as I do all festivals and big shows, they make sort of me get crazy and I want to live the moment as loudly and strongly as much as possible.”

This love of Splendour is definitely seen in their live performances – after seeing them live on the first night of 2012’s Splendour in the Grass, I can attest to that. The conversation soon turns to Spiderbait’s seventh studio album, the first in over eight years.

“We recorded some of it in Melbourne, some of it in Byron and some of it in LA. We took it around with our producer Franc Tétaz. Franc was brilliant to work with and we really liked his work he did with Bertie Blackman,” Kram said.

“He brought the best out of us, and we really had a great time recording the album, it was the best fun and we were really happy with the quality. We write songs and put them down, and if we think they’re good we have them. I think the album has a retrospective quality to it, some of the stuff we wanted to sound kind of old, but other songs like Supersonic is very almost futuristic for us. We wanted to use all of our different attributes, sounds and voices all on the one record. In a way it’s the record of our whole career but it’s all new material.”

Kram is interrupted by the cabbie making a wrong turn and quickly corrected him onto the right path.

“There’s three ways we write music. I probably wrote most of this record. When Janet and I write we tend to write pop stuff and when Whit and I write, we tend to write jammy stuff. Those two halves come together and that’s what makes us who we are, and that’s how the band works.”

Our chat slowly moved to the future of Spiderbait after their upcoming tour supporting Spiderbait, and Kram had some special news to share with Blank readers.

“I think there’s talk of doing Falls festival and we’ll do some other festivals in the summer but we’re happy where things are at the moment and we’re happy to be in this band,” he told Blank GC.

With that out in the open, one of the first major acts for Falls Fest 2014/15 has been all but confirmed and the wait for the lineup announcement has become that much more tantalizing.

Spiderbait’s set at Splendour was electric, tight and a sight to behold. They trawled through new and old songs to get the crowd pumping and had special guest Dan Sultan join them on stage for their new track I’m Not Your Slave.

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Spiderbait play The Hi-Fi Brisbane Saturday 9 August

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