Steel Panther | Lower The Bar: Album Review

Steel Panther have had a structure to their style for a long time now. It’s always the same dirty, crude humour that takes the absolute joke out of themselves. But don’t let this seem like I’m having a dig at them. It’s exactly the opposite. It never gets tiring and the jokes are always hilarious and fresh.┬áTheir latest instalment Lower The Bar is just that.

Michael Starr has once again brought the goods to the table. Each song is as insulting and at least mildly vulgar as the last. Starr has a knack for writing clever and witty play on words and he hasn’t lost it. And neither have the rest of the band, flooding the album with not only some incredible guitar riffs, but the guitar tone is superb.

If you’re easily offended, this may not be your cup of tea. But hey, you only live once, give it a crack. If you love jokes about breasts and love making, this is right up your alley. Either way, go listen to it. It’s fantastic.


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