The Church ‘Starfish’ 30th Anniversary Tour: Live review | QPAC | 25 November 2018

The iconic Australian musical legends performed  their album ‘Starfish’ in full, plus some selected tunes.

Walking into the concert hall at QPAC, you could feel the night was going to be something special. The high ceilings, the magnificent acoustics of the venue (which became way more evident later), and being seated had me flashing back to the Opera House in Sydney in 2011, but this time, alas, no 75 piece orchestra. QPAC is a great venue, but it was difficult to be seated, and actually think it was going to stay that way.

The Church took the stage to rapturous applause, and then it all began. It was a track-by-track play straight from the originally released album. ‘Destination’ kicked off, followed by their signature tune, ‘Under the Milky Way’. Cheeky-as-ever bass player Steve Kilbey laughed and said “Well if you came for that one, you can go home now”. Needless to say, no one left.

The light show was inspired. During the ‘Starfish’ set, the back drop was a make-up of the album cover, which is like a window with a picture of each of the four members of the band in it. There was also live footage of Steve Kilbey, Peter Koppes, Ian Haug, and Tim Powles playing in each of the windows. It was highly effective, and combined with the lighting and the room it was a treat for the senses.

Album favourites were crowd favourites. Along with ‘Under the Milky Way’, ‘Reptile’ and ‘North, South, East, and West’ were more than well received. Then came the intermission, with Steve Kilby explaining they would be back to play some favourites.

After a short break, the bells tolled and we returned to our seats, with the backdrop  changed into range of distorted images. Once ‘Unguarded Moment’ began, people started standing up in their rows and dancing, and songs like ‘Tantalised’, ‘Almost with You’, ‘Constant in Opal’ and many others came with matching video backdrops.

Punters definitely got their money’s worth with the show going til nearly 11pm. With such a long history of playing together, one of the best things about the band is that they keep finding ways deliver the goods in a slightly different manner. Long live The Church!

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