The Dollar Bill Murrays want everything

Brisbane has long been the launching pad for seriously good rock bands. The Dollar Bill Murrays build on the city’s rock reputation. With fuzzy guitars and an obvious love affair with gritty rock their self-titled debut EP (2015) reached #12 on the 4ZZZ charts. Back in the studio in 2016, the band released killer track Medicine with guitar fans frothing over its thick fuzz licks and mosh-worthy chorus which resulted in much energetic head nodding across Brisbane’s live music haunts and earned the track rotation on triple j Unearthed radio.

The Dollar Bill Murrays’ new single I Want Everything was recorded here on the Gold Cost at Studio Circuit in Burleigh heads under the watchful ear of Brock Weston and despite the entire band being struck down with “some kind of bubonic plague” during its recording, they somehow pulled through to deliver some seriously scintillating (and catchy) rock.  One half of the band (ie. Antii and Rachit) shared some thoughts with Samantha Morris.

How would I describe the music of The Dollar Bill Murrays to my mother?

“Hey mum, there’s this really cool band called The Dollar Bill Murrays and I’m going to buy all their music and go to all their shows.” Haha, we get compared to such a wide variety of bands (from Led Zep to Arctic Monkeys to Nirvana), so the best summary is probably to say we’re pretty high-energy rock but also dynamic in our song structures.

Tell me about the Brisbane music scene and where you fit?

Brisbane has always seemed super musically diverse, but there are definitely almost subcultures that appear. In our case, we find ourselves teetering precariously between the “heavier” crowds and the lighter, more indie-oriented scene. It’s awesome because every show is a totally different vibe with totally different bands, and we love getting to experience such diverse energy from the audiences that come with them.

You recorded I Want Everything here on the Gold Coast. Do you get down here much? Any favourite hangs?

We spent five days at Studio Circuit which was a beautiful space with really nice acoustics and some awesome gear available to us. It was nice to spend what little down-time we had during the recording process exploring the area. While we don’t get down as much as we’d like, the Burleigh area is a fave of ours as it’s a little quieter and has a nice vibe. Shout out to ESPL coffee in Surfers though, they kept us powered through the recording session. Oh and we love seeing shows at the Miami Shark Bar, the Sharky Sundays are always a good time! We may be coming down for a Sunday sesh real soon…


Why are you all crouched under a plane for your press photo?

We found the theme of always pursuing “more” in what our latest releases are building towards, so when we stumbled upon the photo from NASA that wound up on our release artwork, we thought nothing could express that pursuit better: A pair of pilots looking disaffected beside one of the most over-the-top engineering achievements of the cold war – the SR71 Blackbird. An aircraft built for such extreme conditions that it would slowly “bleed” oil and fuel through its skin until it reached the speeds and altitudes in which it was designed to operate. We decided that QANTAS’ first hangar in Archerfield would be a great place to tie in our press photography, so we had a great time traipsing about the concrete and steel that is a small part of that history of aviation.

You’re pretty tight-lipped about what’s on the radar for The Dollar Bill Murrays, but surely we deserve a few hints?

We’re dropping a group of songs pretty soon, and a few shows to celebrate said songs. Let’s just say new music is Always On the horizon…


WATCH: I Want Everything


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The Dollar Bill Murrays are Felix Lindgren (vocals / guitar), Antii Kovacs (lead guitar), Rachit Moti (drums) and Paul Ballam-Cross (bass guitar). You can listen to I Want Everything on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, triple j Unearthed and Spotify.


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