What makes a PhD cellular biologist working as a professor of anatomy and senior researcher in various medical schools, start to question the very study of genetics he has based his entire career around? In Bruce Lipton’s case, it was the study of epigenetics, specifically, telomeres.

I found myself in the Mullumbimby Civic Hall on day 2 of the Byron Spirit Festival last month seeking the meaning of life at various yoga sessions, spiritual talks and chai stalls like hundreds of other people at the 2 day event. This particular session, ambitiously entitled ‘Igniting your Purpose’ actually seem to deliver. I may have been swayed by the fact that this was a Skype session with Bruce Lipton. Lipton had been an academic scientist for many years at some prestigious universities in the US including Stanford and Penn State before he turned his back on the prevailing philosophy of the human race as victims of nature.

“I was teaching students that our genes control our fates. So you become a victim of your heredity” he says, “but the reality is different. Our perception of ourselves is how we control our lives. We are the masters of our biology, not the other way around”. The reason for this is those little extensions on the DNA of every cell in the body called telomeres. They protect our chromosomes from aging and cancer. But more on that later.

“When we ask the question ‘Why are we here?’, according to Darwinian theory, it’s because of genetic accidents” he says. “However, nature’s vision is to maintain harmony and balance. Humans are here to be gardeners in the garden. Yet we’ve stopped being gardeners and we are destroying our garden. Humans should be the most powerful creatures in creating harmony in the garden. We do the job of cells in a larger organism called humanity.”

So how do we rectify this? Lipton talks a lot about good vibes and bad vibes we need to tune into and feel. “We make all our decisions with our minds. We need to feel in our hearts in order to make decisions because when you read the energy there, the answers are clear. When you try to rationalise, there’s a problem. It’s like a math problem in school where you do reduction equations. You have to get each line of the problem correct before you go onto the next line. If you make one wrong decision, at the bottom line the answer is not correct. In contrast, the heart simply asks: Is this energy enhancing me, or is it taking away from me? You are then tapping into the environment and there will be in harmony with your life”.

Lipton calls telomeres the equivalent of the Fountain of Youth. They stop chromosomes and thus, DNA, from dying. While billions of cells in the body die off every day, they are replaced from the stem cells. However, the telomeres become shorter every time DNA and chromosomes are replaced. “They last about 90 years. What a coincidence!”

What has really sparked Lipton’s interest is the enzyme that produces telomeres, telomerase. “What causes the enzyme to work? Love, especially self love, gratitude and service”. Service gives rise to purpose.

“Having a purpose in life isn’t just about keeping you busy. It’s about keeping you powerful and having a longer life. Purpose is a fundamental part of your existence”.

How do you find your purpose?

“Our minds are controlled by our subconscious mind 95% to 99% of the time. When you use your conscious mind, behaviour is not controlled by programmed behaviour we learned before the age of seven”. Lipton quotes The Jesuits’ philosophy “Give me a child until the age of seven and I will show you the man”. They knew that’s when the subconscious programming occurs.

“In the Matrix movie, they talk about taking the red pill to get out of the programming, or subconscious. In my book The Honeymoon Effect, I talk about the short time after you fall in love, you were not subject to the subconscious mind”. So everyone who has fallen in love has been released from the subconscious mind. “Your thoughts take your conscious mind out of love and you go back to the subconscious program. Your mission is to live from the conscious not the sub-conscious. When you understand this you can reprogram the subconscious. Most subconscious programming is disempowering. When we live our purpose consciously, we can address the crisis we are experiencing now in the environment. It will enhance your life, enhance humanity and enhance our planet”.

Bruce Lipton was a guest of the Byron Spirit Festival, Mullumbimby.

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