There’s no escaping Tash Sultana. Hitting Bigsound and touring Australia.

I first discovered Tash Sultana while scrolling through my Facebook news feed. One of my friends had liked a video and I noticed that it was just teetering over 50,000 views. Intrigued, I clicked and was confronted by a young woman around the age of 20 in her bedroom inviting viewers to watch, with her cool persona and geekworthy setup of musical toys. Me, being the stubborn girl that I am, pegged her as a one-night wonder, labeled her as a social media wannabe, and kept scrolling.

A week or so later I noticed her again. Annoyed that she was defying my original profile of ‘One Night Wonder’ I continued to scroll past so that my ego and previously flawless profiling abilities weren’t hurt.

But alas I couldn’t escape Tash Sultana.

The more I avoided her the more she seemed to appear. Finally, the pressure became too much and I caved, and oh boy was I glad I did.

The first thing you notice about Tash is her calmness. Her sense of ease instantaneously makes her inviting and intriguing. Her persona is a hybrid of a rockstar and a buddha. Online, you get this humble, down to earth person who seems to have everything in their life figured out. When she gets on stage or when she posts a video to Facebook, you see the rockstar come out. She embodies the music and you can almost see the sound waves pulsing through her body making her move to suit the music.

When I was given a chance to speak to her she was sitting on her bed, with her dog, in her parent’s Melbourne home.

“There’s no point having my own place cause I’m just never home,” she told Blank GC.

Recently back from a European tour and about to embark on a national tour with The Temper Trap shows how far she has come since the days when Facebook videos and busking were her main platforms for getting her music out into the world.

Famous could be used to describe Tash now, but when It comes down to it, it doesn’t seem to fit. Sure, she’s an international touring artist and the whole Australian leg of her tour is nearly sold out, and she gets thousands upon thousands of views of her Facebook videos but yet she still doesn’t seem famous.

In fact, she tells me that she misses busking and wants to go back to it when she gets some free time.

“It’s just a lot more organic than a show because people aren’t expecting to see you there and they don’t have any expectations of you,” she said.

Her music, like her, is a little bit of everything. Some reggae strums, some rock and roll riffs and a whole lotta love that’s shown through her lyrics.

Throughout the ride of becoming such an influential and loved artist, Tash has never changed, always staying true to herself and to her music.

“Music is the only thing that is my true love and the rest of my life is gonna be moulded around my music and how I play,” she said.

“It’s like when I play, I become the song and the music sort of just takes over. It becomes very physical like I can feel electricity rushing through my body,”

Let Tash’s music take you on a  journey tonight (Wednesday 7 September) at BIGSOUND. She’s at the triple j Unearthed Stage at Oh Hello. Get the full program of live acts here. 

Tash Sultana also plays Mullum Music Festival which runs 17 – 20 November. Get details at

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