Time to Stand – Akova

Yanina Benavidez caught up with candid Gold Coast legend and musical environmental warrior Akova to discuss his latest single Time to stand: a strong message for all of humanity and how it inspired an accidental global movement.

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‘It just sort of happened on its own and snowballed from there,” Akova said.

“We had planned and began work on a film clip, but unfortunately Anastasia Watson, who sings with me on the album with me got really sick, then one of the camera men got really sick and although we were all set up and ready to go our integral team wasn’t available so we had to cancel.”

“Literally moments later we received this photo and we just thought WOW here it is, here is our film clip idea.”

“This is why everything worked out the way it did, it was always meant to be this way. We basically put up a Facebook post and people came forward from all over the world with photos of themselves from Washington to Fiji, Germany to Cape York they came from everywhere. We got so many we couldn’t fit them all on the clip, but it was so inspiring to have so many people involved in it. It was so awesome to turn this song into a project,” Akova told Blank.

He’s currently in the studio recording his next album and says he loves the artistic process of working on an album.

“I write through my emotions and with this one I have had time to settle in to what’s closer to my heart. I am recording with a friend who I have known for about 20 years and he is just incredible behind the desk. I am working with Mark Watson of Studio Proof, he is just a maestro, I love him. I think it’s important to be comfortable when you are recording; it helps you push through that creative barrier and produce something special,” he said.

Akova will be back on the road in September with his beloved Alex to launch the album. This national tour will see Akova travel by road as far south as coastal Victoria, west to Perth and north to the Sunshine Coast with several shows in between. Having toured around Australia several times Akova has secured a strong fan base and has the inside word on venues, accommodation, breakfast and sound guys throughout Australia.

His single took off in May playing several shows throughout Queensland and more recently at The Beach Hotel in Byron bay to a huge crowd and he’s slated to play Green Week in the buzzing and developing arts centre of Helensvale.

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You can view Akova’s inspiring and very global film clip for Time To Stand online now and you can see him live at Helensvale’s Green Week celebrations this Saturday at the Helensvale Cultural Centre.





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