Violent signing for Dear Seattle

Dear Seattle are one part mosh, one part love letter – with a dash of VB for good measure. In a short amount of time, they’ve created a unique and powerful style of songwriting and amassed legions of fans along the way. They’ve shared stages with Citizen, Emarosa, Trophy eyes and Balance and Composure and supported Kingswood on a massive national tour.  They spent most of 2017 driving up and down the east coast bringing their live show to cities and towns before finishing up at BIGSOUND. They’re passing through the Gold Coast this month on the back of the biggest news of their career – they’ve just signed to a brand new label under the fearless leadership of Violent Soho’s James Tidswell. They’re also releasing their self-titled EP on vinyl for the first time. Brae Fisher (vocals) gave us the low-down.

Congrats on being signed to Domestic La La and to being the first band to contractually include beer bongs as a contractual requirement. It must be cool to be working with someone like James Tidswell – who’s obviously a massive Dear Seattle fan.

It’s really a dream come true. Not in the sense of “Oh my god, someone from Soho is interested,” but in the sense that he’s exactly how I hoped he’d be and even better; Humble, but with such strong values that align perfectly with our band motives. We wouldn’t be signing a record deal if he was anything less, so we are absolutely stoked to have found our fifth member in Tids.

What will this signing mean for you guys? How will your focus / trajectory change over the coming year?

It will mostly just streamline everything! James has such transferable knowledge from his experience in Soho and he really just wants to work with us to help us avoid the bullshit and pitfalls that come with growing as an upcoming band.

It will also help amazingly with distro and all the rest like selling and sending merch, as we will be utilising the Unified services for that. This will free up our time to do what we love, and that at the moment is writing for the debut album!

I’m a vinyl tragic, so I’m stoked to hear you’re releasing your self-titled EP as a record. What was the motivation for doing that?  Does it help you reach a different type of fan?

We’ve always wanted a copy of our EP on vinyl for ourselves so I think that was a big motivator, but also it is a good item to have out for the passionate listeners. There isn’t much sentimental value in a CD in my opinion, so a vinyl is a nice way of offering that to those who care that bit more!

Also, we have entirely re-mixed the EP so that it’s slick as for the vinyl press so that’s another good excuse! The new versions will be available everywhere soon too.

You’ve previously described yourself as being melodic hardcore / emo / post rock. Any update to that descriptor?

As a person? Not really haha. As a band? Definitely. Our music is drifting more towards the alt-rock/indie-rock category by the day, but we really strive to keep our roots present in the music. We all still listen to emo, post-rock, melodic hardcore, punk and all the rest, and we feel it gives a good edge and flavour to the tunes. We’re all suckers for a chunky riff from the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Incendiary or Turnstile.

You said in today’s announcement that you’re feeling liberated as a songwriter, due to this signing with DLL. Will we notice any major deviation from where you’re at now?

I have always said that I will never write music for anybody else. The EP was my coping mechanism for a break up, and it’s that kind of honesty that I feel brings people in and keeps them interested.

The reason I say that I feel liberated now is that Tids has already got me thinking that way again after falling into a bit of ‘second release syndrome’ where I started writing what I thought people would like, not what I believed was the best music I could create.

Long story short, yes there will be deviation, because I’m not the same person I was three years ago when that EP was written. I listen to different music, and thankfully, I have much less to be overly upset about nowadays! So the new material so far has a less glum feel to it, with a lot more energy and brightness to it. Having said that, I always try to keep the elements I love from the EP alive in the new songs like the big choruses and emotive heavier sections.

And how far off is new music?

Who knows… We’ve probably got what I would say is a pretty good album worth of material written, but that’s not what we’re going for. You only get one shot at a debut album, so we wanna smack it out of the park. If that means writing 30 songs and cutting to the best ten, so be it, but we’re aiming for studio time a few months into 2018.

You’re hitting Gold Coast this month with Eliza and the Delusionals in support. Tell me what fans can expect at the show?

Expect new material, and expect a step up in the production! It’s been pretty interesting trying to concoct a plan for it considering our EP runs about 20 minutes when we play it live and most sets will be 45 minutes. Might have to chuck in a meat raffle or some shit to fill the gaps, hahaha.

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Dear Seattle are at Miami Tavern Shark Bar, 15 December, with Eliza and the Delusionals in support. Check out ‘Cut You Deep’ below.

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