Bigsound: 12 Reasons 2014 Is The Year You Must Attend

Bigsound 2014 is huge. Boasting seminars from legendary Crowded House, Split Enz and Finn Brothers frontman Neil Finn, Bluesfest promoter Peter Noble and a whole lot more, you could argue this Bigsound is the biggest yet.

Blank GC has compiled a short and sweet list of 12 of the highlights. It’s part of the reason why we think you can’t afford to miss Bigsound 2014.

  1. Nicholas Allbrook, of Pond and formerly Tame Impala, is bringing his solo album out to wow  Bigsound attendees. His unique blend of rich vocals and psychedelic rock is one of the many reasons psych music has exploded out of Australia’s west coast. A set you simply cannot miss. Nicholas Allbrook is playing  The Underdog at 8.00pm, Thursday 11 September.
  2. If you’ve ever considered whether there is an exact science in creating pop songs, then you must attend A Perfect Song. Boasting talented speakers from bands, PR companies and media professionals, they’ll discuss the true concept behind ‘perfect songs’ and exactly how some artists go about creating the ultimate masterpiece. A Perfect Song kicks off in the Performance Space at 3.45pm, Wednesday 10 September.
  3. Lunch kicks off early on the middle day of Bigsound. Levi, the internationally popular denim clothing brand brings the entertainment in a big way for the attendees. Kingswood, Thelma Plum and Holy Holy are playing sets while  seminar-goers take a break. Not only does this give you a second opportunity to see a band, it can potentially free up any clashes you might have at night. The Live in Levi’s Showcase will be blaring from the Bigsound Village at 12.30pm, Thursday 11 September.
  4. Neil Finn. This inspirational and incredible composer has spearheaded some of Australia and New Zealand’s most iconic bands. First joining Split Enz then forming Crowded House, Neil Finn’s keynote will be packed with rich information for every participant in the music industry to reap. Neil Finn’s Keynote opens Bigsound 2014 in the Performance Space at 10.ooam, Wednesday September 10.
  5. Mansionair. With over a million plays on Soundcloud, there’s little wonder there’s such hype surrounding this band. Mansionair’s London Grammar-esque guitarwork and faultless vocals form the basis of their extraordinarily emotive music. Even though these guys are competing with Nicholas Allbrook for the audience at 8.00pm, it would be well worth catching them. Mansionair is gracing the JBL Live Stage (Outside The Brightside) at 8.00pm, Thursday 11 September.
  6. The Physical Panel is addressing the growing trend of physical sales outstripping digital stores. Facilitated by Steve Harris, who has worked with legendary acts like the Cosmic Psychos and featuring other speakers from both national and international record labels, this panel will be addressing all the important truths and business perspectives on selling physical music as opposed to digital music. The Physical Panel is taking place in the Theatre Rehearsal Room at 11.35am, Wednesday 10 September.
  7. Ever wondered how Triple J runs? Or maybe something more simple, like how exactly they pick music for their playlists? If you are one of these wonderers, then Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask) About Triple J is the seminar for you. Hosted by none other than Richard Kingsmill, Dave Howe and Meagan Loader along with other Triple J professionals, this is your chance to understand just how the popular station operates. Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask) About Triple J will be revealing its secrets in the Performance Space at 2.00pm, Wednesday 10 September.
  8. Hooray for Canada! All you musicians and band managers reading this, pay attention! This will be one of the essential seminars for you to attend. Stuart Johnson, the representative of the Canadian Independent Music Association, along with other international representatives will give you a precise plan of attack for just how to get your music over to Canada and to your target audience. Hooray for Canada! will be informing musicians and managers in the Music Rehearsal Room from 11.35am, Wednesday 10 September.
  9. Do you want to tour America? Or maybe a band you represent does? Surfin’ USA tackles the often difficult decision and the planning involved in touring a band through the USA and making a living. An excellent mix of Australian and American industry specialists will help guide you from start to finish on multi-faceted touring aspects and the issues you might encounter while touring the big US of A. Surfin’ USA opens in the Expressions Dance Studio at 10.30am, Thursday 11 September.
  10. Orphans Orphans are blasting out bluesy, driving music. Fans of The Black Keys and Band of Skulls will love this band, and for good reason. Their music is infectious and will be incredible live. Orphans Orphans are playing the Alhambra Lounge at 8.50pm, Wednesday 10 September.
  11. Any music enthusiast in the 21st Century has heard of The Needle Drop, and Bigsound has successfully brought over Anthony Fantano, the host of this hugely popular music blog. Titled The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd, Anthony will be talking to Bigsound attendees about his experiences with the music industry, along with other interesting factoids and no doubt some tips on engaging online audiences. Anthony Fantano’s Keynote Seminar is taking place in the Performance Space from 11.05am, Thursday 11 September.
  12. The final (but significant) reason you should attend Bigsound 2014 is so that you can see Peter Noble’s Keynote Seminar. A recipient of a Rolling Stone Award for his services to Australian music, this industry expert has won a Grammy, founded the legendary, long running Bluesfest and the bi-annual Boomerang Festival. Peter Noble’s (pictured) keynote seminar is essential, and fortunately there are no other seminars running to distract you from this incredible, not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from one of the world’s best. Peter Noble’s Keynote Seminar takes place in the Performance Space at 10.30am, Friday 12 September.

It’s not too late to be part of Australia’s biggest music industry conference and live performance extravaganza. It all takes place, right up the road in Brisbane from 10 – 12 September and if you haven’t guessed from our top 12 list, it’s freakin’ massive. Get all the details at

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