42fifteen: a little gem in Southport

5 Davenport St., Southport, Queensland 4215 Ph: 0423 307 425

Southport’s an unlikely place to house my latest food excitement, but there it is, loud and proud of its identity, 42Fifteen.

4215, Southport, is having a hard time in the war zone of light rail construction. It takes courage and a little forward planning to venture out…but when we do, it’s well worth the effort!

Nestled in the middle of the ‘soon to be Chinatown’ precinct, Davenport Street, the café’s an outpost of times gone by – recycled timber, family memorabilia and the old-fashioned values of home-cooked and baked seasonal produce and warmly embracing service.

Owner Peter Batley tells us that he and partner Julie Rogers had dreamed of running a family business for some time before the opportunity arose. Both from pub backgrounds, they envisaged bringing their passion for great food and service to Southport.

“Southport is overcrowded with franchises,” Peter says, “so we wanted to offer something different. This is a happy family environment. My son Julian makes the coffee and Julie and I are both chefs.”

Julie and Julian are working away behind a tonne-heavy distressed timber counter, originally a fixture in Boggo Road Gaol, Peter tells me. He also fills me in on the recycled timber wall from Nerang Pony Club and secondhand shops, the tricycle from a niece, the street art, the all day seasonal menu which changes each month…everything, that is, except the new menu that’s coming this week…

The menu is modern, and the food quality exceptional. My Pumpkin Tart has a creamy flavour-packed filling, encased in a short biscuit-like pastry. The Main Squeeze dives into the Pulled Pork Roll and my fingers idle across to steal a pinch…scrumptious! Feel the love!

I haven’t even mentioned the award-winning Dimattina coffee. It’s pretty good, but for me it’s overshadowed by the food, pure and simple, and Peter’s ‘can do’ attitude which shines through everything! Our day is suddenly brighter.

Yes, I know you’re in hibernation, times are tight and you feel like you’re risking your life in the war zone, but…. it’s really worth venturing out to 42Fifteen. For food, Tulsa design web service, and value for money all dished up with a huge bucket of family love, this is one of the best little eateries around.

Marj Osborne

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