Five Excellent Things About Bluesfest 2018 Day 1…and a Few Tips if You’re Coming

Rag n Bone Man

And so it begins… The best bloody festival in Australia as far as I’m concerned. Brilliant line-up that you can check out at so there’s no need for me to ramble on about the musicians. Not now at least. Christie and I will be waxing lyrical about the acts as the days go on. All ably shot by wunder photographers Danny Santangelo and JD Punisher Photography.

But enough about us. Here are five other excellent things about Bluesfest 2018:

No more pre-loaded wrist-bands

You can now buy food and bevvies with cards and actual cash! Good to hear the Bluesfest team were listening last year when the complaints about the pre-loaded wristbands rolled in. Who was going to worry about that last $2 to $3 credit left on your wristband? Hence, plenty of small change was left behind. Now all the money goes to the stall holders and spare change remains in the pockets of the punters.

Mojo TentReserved seating in the mosh pit is a non-issue.

Social media on the Northern Rivers lit up in disgust this year when it was revealed that there would be reserved seating at $300 per head per day for the privileged few at the very front of the stage in the MOJO and Crossroads tents. Well the seats are there and some fortunate cashed-up souls get to occupy them.

Thing is, they don’t actually take up a lot of room, and when you have mesmerising acts like Rag n Bone Man in the MOJO tent belting out soulful, heartfelt tunes from the imposing depths of his bear-like lungs, seriously, no-one notices a a couple of metres of chairs at the front.

If it really does bother you have no fear. The Jambalaya, Delta and Juke Joint stages don’t have exclusive seating. You can still get close enough to feel the riffs as they fly off the Gibsons and Fenders.

Hair wrapKids Tent

For many years, Taleigha Levot’s mother ran the kid’s activity tent. Sadly, she passed away one month ago. Taleigha has mustered the strength to open up the tent making sure the littlest visitors to Bluesfest are catered to with face painting, hair wraps, ‘tattoos’ and circus activities. Great place to remember if your toddler is having a meltdown.

Organic Doughnut stallOrganic Doughnut Stall


Nuff said.


CD shop Bluesfest 2018They still sell CDs!!


AND they have artist signings. So good to have something you can touch and feel. The CDs that is.


Phone charging BluesfestPhone charging

Your selfie taking with Lauryn, Robert, Tash, Lionel, Jimmy, Jackson, Sheryl, John, Leon, Melissa and other close, personal friends is assured now you can recharge at one of two recharging stations. It does cost so if your on a budget make sure you do it at home. The one near Jambalaya stage sells ponchos for $5.00 too.

Speaking of ponchos, you’ll need one. Day 1 at Bluesfest 2018 has seen a deluge of biblical proportions with associated mud baths everywhere. Gum boots, of course, are a good idea as well. I hear from fellow punters that you can get them from Mitre 10 in Mullumbimby for $20. You can get ponchos from Bunnings in Byron Bay for $2.00 if you don’t mind advertising the mega hardware store’s logo on the front of your fetching green rain protection.

Don’t be put off by the rain. Just come down. No amount of rain can detract from a bloody good time.

IMAGES (C) Danny Santangelo

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