5 Humans of Bluesfest 2018: Day 2

Jarrod and Jackson

Jarrod “I can’t play music to save my life but I listen to music 14 or 15 hours a day. I’m a plumber so is he. I listen to music on the way to work, then I listen to 8, maybe 10 hours at work, then on the way home and when I’m cooking dinner at night.”

Will and Mel

Mel: “ We live in Mullumbimby and we’ve been coming to Bluesfest for years. We love music. I want to see that disco king on Monday night. What’s his name? Lionel Ritchie. I was a 70s disco queen.”

Will: “I used get get dance awards in the discos back in the UK. Yeh, at Soho, Disco-go-go, Samanthas and places like that back in the 60s.”

Tommy and Jenny

Jenny: “Our amazing boss bought all us staff one day tickets to Bluesfest because it’s our one day off together in the year. There’s like 16 of us. We work at Eddie’s in Coolangatta. It’s like the biggest live bar. The doors on the pub are recycled from the nun’s quarters. Tommy doesn’t work there. I just know him from ages ago.”

Lara and Jaz

Lara:” We’re originally from the Nambucca Valley. We went to school together. We graduated in 2002. She lives in Airlie beach now and I miss her so much. She’s a mumma now and I’m looking after my mumma. We used to be perishers. Now we’re nurturers.”

Dykes on Bikes and Bella Moon

*Recording instrument (phone) ran out of battery at this point so I jotted down the conversation*

“I live in Mullumbimby and she lives in Ballina. We met a year ago and Bluesfest last year was our first date. She was one of the original organisers of Dykes on Bikes at Mardi Gras. We were just in Sydney together for the 40th anniversary of Mardi Gras.”

IMAGES (C) Danny Santangelo

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