A comment on conscious eating

Eating organic, being vegan or eating paleo are all conscious choices but are they ethical choices and what exactly are we buying into when we delve deeper?

Aside from the nutritional value of foods, conscious eaters may consider human rights, animal rights and the environment empowering them to make more ethical choices.

It’s what goes on behind closed-doors that’s under scrutiny, as the conscious eater continues asking questions. Knowing the truth might be confronting but it sure helps us make more informed decisions. Being ignorant or turning a blind eye only impedes our progress in taking more responsibility for the world we live in.

Some truths are tough and awareness is fast becoming widespread as people step out of their comfort zones to talk about the taboo. It might get a few backs up and those who advocate might lose a few Facebook friends (no love lost there) as sensitive issues are tackled but it’s all about being conscious right? And this includes taking the blinkers off and risking an emotional response to the truth we see.

As many of us know, buying local organic produce is not only better for our health but the environment too, so why aren’t we all doing it if we can afford to? Are we suffering self-love issues, being miserly or is it really just that we are stuck in habits we find hard to shake? When we find out something is bad for us like pesticides or unethical, such as the incineration of male chicks on egg farms, or has a negative impact on the environment like the meat and dairy industry, then it’s up to up to us to change our eating habits or not.

For those of us who are serious about reducing our carbon footprint being vegan is the way to go. The UN has been urging a global movement towards a meat and dairy free diet since 2010. According to UN reports a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change. As well as saving the planet and not buying onto the unethical treatment of animals there is an added bonus;- several studies show a plant-based diet might extend your life by up to ten years! How awesome is that for those of us seeking longevity?

Despite what we eat, most of us care and want a sustainable future. Putting our money where our mouth is (so to speak) may be better for our health, animals and the planet combined. One thing’s for sure though, ignorance is not bliss and won’t change our world. It’s not about preaching, it’s not about judging it’s about simply opening our eyes and making choices in line with our own set of values and that can be very liberating.

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