An Unexpected Day on the Green

If you didn’t already know, the 25th of February will be an ‘Almighty Monster’ day. Sirromet Winery will be hosting A Day on The Green with a line up to put a 90’s Big Day Out to shame. Australian punk legends Spiderbait and The Living End join The Lemonheads, The Fauves, Veruca Salt and Tumbleweed for the festival with a difference.

Kram from Spiderbait, for one, is excited.

“We did it fairly recently (2016) and it was amazing, I think it slightly changed the perception of The Day on The Green. That line up reminded me of playing a Homebake festival or Big Day Out, it was really exciting. We can’t wait to do it again with this line up,” he tells Blank GC.

The February line up is another shout out to the nineties and it came about because of the incredible response to the 2016 event.

Kram says, “I think they’ve almost created something new under the moniker of Day on The Green, a bit more rocking than they’re maybe used to. That’s the festival tour that brought out Leonard Cohen and they’ve gone down in history, there’s a certain sentimentality around that. But when we came out it exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Speaking of expectations, Kram was adamant that Spiderbait are spontaneous with each show, and that’s just how he likes it.

“Going out on stage is like a big surprise, I guess we try to approach all our gigs like a surprise party, like ‘hey what’s going on?’ Sick, let’s play some music. It’s like drawing a curtain back on your alter ego I guess and letting them go.”

This spontaneous and audience driven aspect have meant the band are not just still around but still relevant and part of Australian music culture. Spiderbait get to pick and choose their gigs so if they’re doing it, it’s going to be epic. Although with ADOTG you know “if you want to chill you can, and if you want to go nuts you can.”

So expect the unexpected, maybe even some new Spiderbait music.

“We have a few things in the works so we’ll see how we go. Just have to wait and see what comes up when we get out there”, Kram teases.

If the incredible line up wasn’t enough, maybe the possibility of being first to hear new music will inspire you to pick up some tickets.


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