A golden year for Amy Shark

Amy Shark can usually be found writing and recording in her little house on the Gold Coast. With a passion for film, music and a slight obsession with sharks, Amy is best described as the creatively complex girl next door, who puts her entire heart on record. 2016 has been huge for Amy with her recent single Adore spending all of one night out in the big wide world before being added to Triple J’s rotation, and her song Golden Fleece making the finals in three categories at the Gold Coast Music Awards and taking out Pop Song of the Year at the Queensland Music Awards. Amy broke it all down for us.

Adore seems to be going gangbusters, with radio play and positive feedback pouring in. What do you think is relatable about that song?

I think people are relating to this song because it breaks down all the tiny moments we let pass us by so quickly. I wasn’t trying to be tricky, or clever I basically just told a story about what I felt once before with someone.

Earlier in the year, you made it as a finalist in not one, but three categories of the Gold Coast Music Awards, and then won Best Pop Song at the Queensland Music Awards!  How were those experiences for you?

It’s been a monster of a year and I honestly didn’t expect any of it. It’s just a beautiful thing when you do something you love and then you get rewarded for it. I gave up caring about a lot of industry stuff a while ago and never attended anything, but now I feel like there are a lot more new friendly faces in the Brissy and GC music scene and those people have really nurtured all the new upcoming bands and artists, they have sucked me back in lol.

We understand you ended up (inadvertently) eating a bit of paint for your video for Golden Fleece. Is there anything that you definitely wouldn’t do for a video?

Haha! It’s all in the name of art! I actually faced a huge snake fear when filming Adore, and even for the cover of my single art I almost froze to death sitting in the water for so long at 4.00am. But the paint thing I was kind of like ‘ef ‘ it… it’s going to look rad, so I just did it.

What are your thoughts on the Gold Coast music scene?   

I think we went through a real lull and for a couple of years it was just stuck in a rut. The same people promoting the same artists and to be honest I avoided it like the plague. But I can feel it’s on the rise and its really exciting.

If you had to pick your top five favourite GC artists, who would they be?

Mmmm Being Jane Lane, Georgia Mae, Jesswar, Mick McHugh and Mitch King.

What inspires you?

For some reason anytime I listen to Amy Winehouse, Tegan & Sara or Tom Delonge I go on a writing binge, crazy inspo.

Have any of your musical dreams come true already? Which ones remain?

I recently got an email from Nick Shymansky who was the first guy to manage Amy Winehouse, he wrote – “I’ve been listening to your music and I love it” I screamed really loud when that happened.

I really want to work with Joel Little or Salaam Remi one day and I wouldn’t mind snagging an Aria.

What is next for Amy Shark?

A lot of tours, festivals, shows, more music and I really want to fix my shower door, it’s really hard to open and close so I’m going to be looking into that ASAP!

You can catch Amy at the NightQuarter on 28 October for the launch of Adore, and then at Robina Town Centre on Sunday 6 November before she heads off on tour.

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