A Pig Day Out at Piggabeen

Pig Day Out in its second year is a truly grassroots affair run by Joel Colombo. Blank’s editor Samantha Morris spoke to Joel on the phone as he was putting the finishing touches on event planning for this year’s event, ahead of it going public in 2015.
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“That’s a turkey,” said Joel Colombo when we caught up by phone last week.

Not surprising. 27 year old Joel lives on five acres in the Piggabeen Valley. But our chat had nothing to do with his small acreage. I caught up with Joel to chat about Pig Day Out.

Pig Day Out is a genuine grassroots festival, run by Joel who is aiming to expose local talent.

“We’ve got so much talent around here,” he said. “It’s just really amazing. I feel that they deserve to be exposed much more than they are these days.”

And the program really reflects the diversity of local talent we have here on the Gold Coast with The Orchard, Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, Clashing Colours, Double Lined Minority, Jake Fox, Jackson James Smith (pictured) and a heap more included on the bill.

Bob Evans has also been included as a headliner. Joel said it took a few interactions to bring him on board.

“I emailed him but didn’t get a reply. But then I went and saw him at one of his gigs and talked to him about Pig Day Out and he said to email him again. So I did,” Joel said.

“I think I just showed him how passionate we are and so he agreed to play.”

This is Joel’s second run with a private festival on his home property and next year he plans to go public. Last year 200 people attended and that was without marketing or a website. This year 250 people have already indicated they’ll be attending and Joel is capping attendance at 300.

PIG DAY OUT - JacksonJamesSmith WEB


“I want to keep it really grass roots, something everyone can come and enjoy,” Joel said. “It’s a bit unique to what else is going on at the moment and it’s just a chilled out vibe for people to come and enjoy some local talent.”

“Everyone just brings a picnic for the night and just hangs out. Everybody going is just into the music. They’re there to listen and enjoy the artists and hear some of the local acts around. It’s not a scene thing,” Joel said.

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Pig Day Out takes place on a private property in the Piggabeen Valley on Saturday 23 August from 2.00pm. Stay tuned for photos and reviews in Blank GC. We’re thrilled to throw our support behind such a wonderful grass-roots event.

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