A sneeky BDO appearance

After a massive year of gigging and recording, Brisbane band, Sneeky Picnic, are set to do big things in the new year, starting with a well deserved set on the local stage of Big Day Out 2014. Tari Peterson had a chat with bass player Kat to chat about the band’s success and what we can expect in 2014. This will be the second year that the upbeat, pop/hip hop group have graced the stage of BDO and with their latest single “Ayo” skyrocketing the Reverbnation charts, the band are anticipating that the new year be a big one.
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How would you describe Sneeky Picnic’s overall sound/vibe?

I’d describe our style as a combination of pop and hip-hop infused with an upbeat party vibe.


Where do you draw inspirations from as a band?

Our music is influenced and inspired by relationships between friends and family and individual life experiences.


What has been your highlight of playing and recording with Sneeky Picnic so far?

It’s always amazing when people sing our lyrics back to us even if it is at an intimate venue, but if I had to name a particular gig it’d be a toss up between Big Day Out and Red Deer Festival that we played at in 2013. Both were packed out and the audiences were really enjoying themselves.


You guys are set to play Big Day Out again this year on the local stage! Congrats on that, massive achievement there. What can crowds be expecting from your performance?

Thanks! It was so exciting getting the news that we were playing BDO again this year. Crowds can expect an explosion of energy that will have them in party mode right from the start of the day.


What was it like recording and producing your new single Ay-Yo with producer Guy Cooper?

It was an awesome experience! We had a lot of fun in the studio and Guy was able to bring out a fantastic and unique sound, which was exactly what we were looking for in the track.


Every one of your tunes is super catchy, how do you come up with such sweet hooks and song ideas?

When we get in a room together, each of our own individual music tastes come out and we all bring our own unique elements to our songs. We all help write them and there’s always a million great ideas floating around, the songs just seem to write themselves.


What can we be expecting from Sneeky Picnic over the next few years?

You can expect our debut EP, which is due to be released early next year and a tour will be planned in the near future.



Be sure to check out “Ayo”, available now on iTunes, and if you’re headed to Big Day Out you can see the girls in action on the local stage during the day.

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