A stellar year for Stellar Green

Christie Ots chatted with Dave Aurora and Sean Dalton from Gold Coast alt-rockers Stellar Green about their upcoming tour, secret possible talents and just what we’re all made of. – – – – – – –

Returning from a recent hiatus Stellar Green are going straight into a tour and a new single. Chatting with Dave (vocals) and Sean (drums) I asked what exactly we can expect from Stellar Green in 2014.

“I think it’s going be a really fresh, energetic experience” Dave says. “Millsy and I are both new to Stellar Green, and it’s all brand new material, so we don’t have any of the baggage you often have in bands with long histories. There’s no safety net of guaranteed crowd pleasers in the set because hardly anyone has heard the new stuff yet, so this tour is basically going to be …” Sean laughingly interjects, “Loud noises!”

The guys are touring from Brisbane to Melbourne from21 February.

Have they had any crazy hometown gig experiences? “Nothing too crazy at a hometown show yet,” Sean says, “But Melbourne on the other hand… let’s just say I limit the number of ‘pre-show shots’ I have now!

The band has recently released their new single Refuge; the message behind the song being a complicated one.

Sean says coyly, “It’s a bit of a controversial topic that we have discussed in depth numerous times – that’s all I will say.”

Dave adds “in a nutshell, it’s the “let them eat cake” mentality of people with first world problems.”

The song reflects the bands alt-rock leanings, with a conscientiousness that if refreshing.

Describing their writing process Sean says it usually starts with a guitar riff or a part that that just develops in the jam room. “It’s very much a group effort with different people taking the lead when it feels right.”

With a busy year ahead, including the release of a video for Refuge, Dave says we can expect more touring and an EP with both already in the planning stage.

Sean laughs and says “world domination” when asked about plans for 2014.

“Or maybe we will have to delay that until next year, but there will be another release this year for sure!”

With the upcoming tour, there is bound to be those small mistakes and technical errors that occur, Dave explains how the band deals with the ups and downs.

“With mistakes you’ve got to be able to laugh them off because they WILL happen. Sure, if there’s a huge issue you address it in the jam room or car park after the show with a stern but loving beating of the offender. But with little mistakes, don’t sweat it. As for nerves, I don’t really get them from performing, just the behind the scenes stuff like dreading bad monitors or set times getting cut and things like that. I think the best cure is preparation though – if you’re confident and you know you’ve worked hard it’s much easier to roll with the punches. I’ve done enough miles by now to not get caught by surprise anymore when things don’t go to plan.”

With a few of the members playing in other bands I ask which musicians they would most love to play with. Sean excitedly says, “I would love to play a show or even just hang with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Grohl is my hero! One day… It’s on my bucket list.”

Dave adds, “it would suit my other project much more than web design Stellar Green, but I’d have to say The Frames. The actual gig would be torture because I’d be petrified of doing a bad show in front of a band that good, but I’d kill to sit down with them afterwards and ask Glen a million questions about vocal technique, or find out what caught fire during the live version of Fitzcarraldo on the Set List record.”

While the guys are confident with their instruments, Nathan Mils (guitarist) has a secret talent. Dave laughs, “Millsy is pretty decent at invading our personal space in rehearsals,” Sean chimes in, “Yeah, I think ‘Uncle Millsy’ has an unusual attraction to nipples.”

The guys seem excited to hit the road and really introduce audiences to the new Stellar Green material, so what is one thing they want everyone to know? Dave says with a smile, “We’re all just a pile of borrowed atoms, try to make the most of the fluke that is your existence.”

A filmclip for Stellar Green’s new single Refuge is out now on Youtube and you can catch the band at Surfers Paradise Beer Garden on Thursday 13 March for only $5. More info at stellargreen.com.au/.

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