A taste of Peru for Bleach* 2017

Sabor y Control (in English, “Taste and Control”) is a Peruvian salsa dura orchestra established in 2000 by saxophonist Bruno Macher.

Macher and his band set out to rescue the roots of the genre while seeking their own identity, both in sound and lyrics. Originating in New York in the 1970s, salsa dura is a style of salsa music that places emphasis on the instrumental part of the music over the vocals.

With eight albums produced to date, this ensemble of over 10 performers seek to convey their collective experiences of their homeland in Lima, Peru into music. Audiences will get the chance to get up and dance as Sabor y Control take over the Gold Coast for the first time at Bleach* Festival 2017.

Bruno Macher talks about the relationship between the band members.

“We believe that it has been fate that has joined us,” he says.

“We have been together for 16 years and we are a family.”

The Sabor y Control family not only seeks to entertain and get its audiences up on their feet, but also aims to tell stories through its music.

“Sabor y Control is always in a constant search for the elements that define the neighbourhood, the street, the corner,” explains Bruno.

“[We turn] all these experiences into their interpretations, closely linked to our customs and daily life.

“Sabor y Control is a social orchestra that seeks to generate positive change in people through their music and lyrics.”

With some members playing since they were children and others starting after they finished school, the group is as diverse in its membership as the crowds who flock to enjoy them.

“Each member has a different musical history,” says Bruno.

“[So] when we get together we combine our personal experiences and translate them in a musical way.”

One thing shared by all members is a passion for their craft and dedication to providing fans with quality entertainment.

“For us, it is important to both play well and enjoy when you play,” says Bruno.

“They are two things that go hand in hand and cannot be separated. It is important that each musician devotes time to the music and his instrument in order to make a quality show.”

Following their Australian visit, the hardworking group is planning to record their ninth studio album, as well as videos for their new songs.

It may be the first salsa dura experience for many Bleach* festivalgoers, but if the incredible recordings we’ve heard so far by this non-stop party band is anything to go by, we are confident it won’t be the last.

Bruno’s hopes for the festival are simple.

“It is the first time for us in Australia and we that hope people enjoy our music.”

Sabor y Control will be playing as part of Bleach* at the NightQuarter, a free event from 6.30pm on 15 April, and again at Bleach* at Burleigh from 2.30pm on 16 April.

IMAGE (c) Sandro Aguilar

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