Sydney Dance Company’s ab[intra] feels the love from the GC

Fourteen contemporary dancers each showcasing their creative and technical abilities swept and stretched their bodies across the hazy HOTA theatre floor last Wednesday night. The Gold Coast was fortunate to have two performances of Sydney Dance Company’s full length work ab[Intra] midweek in the city.

ab [intra], meaning ‘from within’ in Latin is ‘an exploration of our primal instincts, our impulses and our visceral responses’, says Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela. And Gold Coast dance groupies took note.  The HOTA theatre packed with dance studio students and dance lovers, drank in the fluid dance scripts co-created by Bonachela and the dancers of Sydney Dance Company.  “Look at the point,” whispered a woman to her friend behind me, admiring the footwork of a dancer. Dance moments were accompanied by composer Nick Wales’ pulsating string movements, formatted with the fuzz of electronica using resonate cello and stir-the-heart string ensembles and violin. Lighting designer, Damien Cooper, created subtle silhouettes of the dancer’s finely tuned bodies, using moving neon horizontal lights to depict the change in music.

The beauty that lies within the SDC, is that every dancer is performing solo sequences, albeit together, so your eyes and mind are stimulated, constantly focusing on the three-dimensional movements.  With only a scattering of spare seats left over on both nights, this may entice the company to return more regularly with its growing repertoire of dance works.  Walking down the steps of HOTA outside we hear an elegantly dressed woman say to her friend, “Seeing that makes you want to go home and roll around on the floor … and then practice getting up!” Concluding that contemporary dance at this level gives you a definite shift in mindset and energy.

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