Accidental perfection for Gold Coast crew

They’ve only been playing together for a year, but Kirra Corbett Di Monaco, Tim Snell and Anton Rize are about to call it a day. It’s been a whirlwind year of gigs and recording sessions for the Gold Coast three-piece who came together by accident and built on a winning musical recipe. 

“Lzay Dayz at Board Culture was the first time we got together and jammed out,” Kirra said.  Kirra had seen Anton playing drums around the place and asked him to collaborate with her and Benny D Williams at The Loft one night.

“I had never heard her playing before, so it was absolute improvisation,” Anton said.  “But the level of connection and syncopation just appeared from nowhere.”

“It was gnarly,” Kirra added.

“Literally after we first finished our first improvised set I just looked in here eyes and said ‘will you marry me,’ but she refused actually,” Anton said.

“I’m still in pain, you know.”

The pair added Timmy to the mix soon after. Kirra explained that Timmy is a friend of a friend and she was drawn to the “sick beats” they could make together.

“Anton floated the idea that we should play as a group more often, and I just thought, it has to be Timmy.”

“The name Accidentally Perfect just comes from how we play together. It just all comes together so perfectly,” Kirra said.

Anton is from Ukraine and has been in Australia for just two years. The story of how he ended up here is also completely accidental. His parents and sister moved to Australia six years ago but his life in Ukraine was “amazing” and he wasn’t going anywhere.

“I was doing what I want and what I love,” he said. “Playing drums in a lot of bands at the same time, managing these bands, creating and running an event company…”

“Life was good,” he said.

Two years ago he came to visit his family. While he was on his way here, a revolution occurred in Ukraine which resulted in conflict between that country and Russia. Things got a bit nasty, to say the least.

“And so my family were like, you can’t go back.”

“I had studio there, company there, gigs booked for a long time. But then my friends in Ukraine also started to tell me to stay in Australia if I can.”

And Anton has called Australia home ever since. He literally left his whole life behind. He came here with a bag and a few changes of clothes and an MP3 player of music. He couldn’t speak the language and had no idea of the culture.

“28 years old and starting my career from zero point,” Anton said, in English that is pretty damn good for someone who’s only been speaking it for two years.

“You have your plans for how your whole life looks like that and,” he clicks his fingers, “done.”

And as Anton finds his feet here, Kirra is just about to fly the coop – hence the parting of ways. She’s off to Brazil. And while she will come back to Australia, she’s just not sure it’ll be the Gold Coast she’ll be coming back to.

“My husband isn’t a fan of the increasingly crowded surf brakes,” she said, laughing. “ You know, change of scenery, mix it up, we might come back some day.”

I turn to Kirra’s two band mates to see how they feel about this departure and body language tells me they’d prefer it weren’t happening.

“All this pain I felt after she refused to marry me,” Anton shrugged.

“I don’t know, it’s just hard,” Tim added.  “I feel like we just started to really work together.”

“But she’s leaving. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do,” Tim said. “We’ll probably still play together – start a different project,” he added.

The trio have been trying to lay down some recordings before Kirra flies off. “But we’re doing it all ourselves,” she said. “Anton’s been learning really quickly and amazingly how to do production and recording and he’s got so much gear available to him, so we’re just trying to freeze these moments and freeze these songs and what we’ve done with them.”

The trio are hoping to have at least one track ready for their farewell show (and maybe five). Like most Gold Coast musicians, they’re multi-tasking day to day. Kirra is a nurse as well as  a yoga instructor and Tim is a carpenter. Anton though works full-time in music with a studio set up in the home he shares with Ryan Grantham known as Cymatic Productions.

They’ve worked with artist like Andrew Cousins, Ivori, James D’Khan, Steve Dorrington, Julie Hayes and Nina Ward.

Anton, Tim and Kirra play a special farewell gig as Accidentally Perfect on Saturday 4 June at Mandala Organic Arts Café. It’s a free gig and Kirra is hoping people “just wander in, say g’day, have a jam, have a boogie and say goodbye.”

I throw back to Tim and Anton to ask when we might see them next after that gig? “We don’t know how or what yet,” Anton said. “But it’s going to be a perfect accident.”

And will Anton return to Ukraine? “Definitely. I will visit Ukraine,” he said. “But my life is going to be in Australia.”

The perfect, accidental life.

_ _ _

Accidentally Perfect play their farewell gig on Saturday 4 June at Mandala Organic Arts Café.

Photo Credit: Lamp Photography

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