Adam Ant: Touring Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Prepare yourself for an Ant Invasion, as seminal new wave pioneer Adam Ant hits Australian shores in early October to celebrate the 37th anniversary of his landmark release ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier.’

In the early 80’s the swashbuckling band leader and his crew of pirate-attired merry men (Adam And The Ants) were at the forefront of a bold new musical uprising, pillaging pop charts around the world with their incendiary, twin drum attack, chanted vocals and theatrical stage presence. Adam, the original Prince Charming, was in fact one of the first musicians to introduce the ‘Burundi Beat’ style of African drumming to western music audiences.

The apex of this sound and vision was the bands second album, ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’, which was released in 1980 and proved to be a worldwide smash off the back of insistently memorable numbers such as ‘Ant Music’, ‘Dog Eat Dog’ and the epic title track. In Australia, ‘Ant Music’ topped the charts for five straight weeks.

Over the past year Adam and band have been sailing the merry seas and delivering this one-off spectacular to rapturous acclaim throughout the UK and North America. And now it’s our turn to witness the pomp and pound that is ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ live and up close. To celebrate the tour, Adam himself has designed a Deluxe Box Set that includes a remastered version of the album, a rare concert DVD (‘Ants In Japan’) as well as items from his extensive personal archive.

So polish up your rusty cutlass, sharpen up on your ‘aye-aye mateys’ and don your most swashbuckling attire for what is sure to be one of the most energetically memorable shows of the 2017 concert calendar.

Adam Ant plays ‘Kings Of The Wild Frontier’ in its entirety and in sequence, plus more, in a special, one-off performance at The Tivoli in Fortitude Valley on Thursday, 12 October. For tickets, go here.

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