Adam Brand plays his musical milestones

With his tour page boldly shouting: “This year marks the twenty-year anniversary of Adam Brand,” Australia’s country music singer with the swagger, shares with Tiffany Mitchell his pre-millennium beginnings, ahead of his concert of milestone songs at this year’s Mudgeeraba Show.

“There were a few different starting points,” reasons Adam Brand about his determination to crack into the music business. “1998 was when the first (self-titled) album was released, it was only the year before that I was busking in the main streets of Tamworth with a little briefcase holding 30 copies of my very first demo cassette. After Tamworth I went to Sydney and handed out those cassette tape copies to record companies – no one had meetings with me and I actually got rejection letters,” admits Brand.  “The standard rejection letter at that! I remember I got one from Festival Records in ‘97 as well as everyone else. Then I received another letter six months later with them offering me a record deal.  In my scrapbook I have these two letters side by side,” He laughs. “From there I went to Tamworth, did about three gigs during the festival and then went back with my debut album. That’s how it all kicked off – things got weird and exciting at the same time.”

The steely sights to keep on track with no hint of a career change like so many of us go through is because of Brand’s grassroots popularity and ability to create music and song writing collaborations that resonate with country music fans.  It’s a tough life so why does he love doing it?

“That question answers itself – I just love it,” he enthuses.  “In any chosen field there are always ups and downs, it’s not an easy road in general – but when the nucleus of that 20-year career is all really centred around something you do love and something you are passionate about, then it gets you through those twists and turns. What really drives you is touring.  That hour and a half on stage, there is probably 30 to 40 hours of everything else to take into account – travelling, rehearsals, promos all the stuff that you do to get that fix… of that time on stage.”

For Brand’s 20-year anniversary tour we ask whether he will be bringing his all-star energetic band to Mudgeeraba Show in June? “Absolutely, they will all be there,” he says. “The set will be a real mixture – a greatest hits tour. A mixture of old songs – a bit of everything – it’s meant to showcase the journey over the years of all those songs.” With well-loved song titles such as ‘Get loud,’ ‘The Anzacs,’ ’New England highway,’ and ‘Cheap country,’ to name a few – fans will no doubt receive a ‘Hell of a ride’ at the agricultural show’s ninetieth birthday milestone in June.

Adam Brand will perform at Mudgeeraba Show on Saturday, 23 June, with new album ‘Milestones’ to be released 13 July. Tickets to the Mudgeeraba Show are available through Oztix.

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