Sparks will fly between Adam and Brooke

When country music artists collaborate, their already formed individual music style is cranked up a notch with a little dramatic license. Gold Coast gets the chance to see this new stage partnership from Brooke McClymont (one third of the award winning The McClymonts) and her husband, singer/guitarist Adam Eckersley, as well as songs from their new album, when they play Mermaid’s Lonestar Tavern in March.

Grabbing the chance to speak with Brooke McClymont at home on a few days break regarding the new musical road trip with her husband, we note only recently, country artists played as close as Twin Towns, then skipped to the northern Queensland regions or back down the highway again.  With the Groundwater (previously Broadbeach) Country Music Festival firmly etched into the region’s calendar, could this mean a new generation of country music artist is appealing to the growing population of the Gold Coast?

Brooke confirms they are playing in new music territories. “People are embracing country music much more. They are coming out because they want to see it live and hopefully interested in original music. The more places for artists like us the better I reckon – it can only help the industry.  I love it up there, I hope it’s good weather in March,” she laughs. “The three venues of that weekend, we’ve never played them before – we’ve heard there is a kind of a scene that is happening up there with country music.”

With The McClymonts taking a short break after Brooke’s sister had her first child, it provided an ideal opportunity for the eldest McClymont sister to record and tour with her husband, who is usually on stage with his own American southern rock style band – the Adam Eckersley Band. “We have always wanted to play together and we have this opportunity now to do it as the girls and I aren’t touring until July,” explains Brooke.  “Adam and I said let’s do a project together – we’ve always wanted to do it, we work great together, we love playing together, so it’s like … let’s do it now.  We are so busy with our own bands, I always thought we would do it when we’re like 60,” she laughs.  “I’ve brought my melodies in writing some of the songs and Adam is providing his storylines, and his amazing guitar work.  I think we have done something completely different from our collective bands,” she muses.

The accompanying album; ‘Adam and Brooke,’ to be released in February, was mixed by Grammy and ARIA award-winning producer Nick DiDia.  Brooke gives glimpses of the new titles and the storylines attached to them.  “We’ve got ‘Train Wreck’ (check out the Youtube clip), there is a song ‘Lay with me’… we have a few love songs on there … another is ‘So smooth,’ and a song Adam wrote regarding one of his friends; ‘Nothing left to win’ – a good ole fashion cheating song.’ We also wrote ‘Glad’ – a nice little acoustic number, about us complimenting each other, and one called ‘Not how I feel’ –  a song Adam wrote when we were in Nashville,” she explains.  “We had a big barney and he recorded a song in the next day’s session about how he loves me, but it wasn’t how he felt right now,” she laughs. “We’ve really showcased other storylines too from other people and drawn upon that.”

I ask Brooke if The McClymonts’ pop country style had changed collaborating with Adam on songs.  “The differences sound wise from The McClymonts and Adam Eckersley Band, is that Adam and I have found our own thing in this project, we have really complimented each other – we were really surprised and stoked at the same time,” she says. “It’s a very live sound on this album. This thing with Adam and I, we kind of trusted each other a little of what we wanted from this project.  Even if we didn’t know what sounds we were going to get out of it – once we got into the recording studio with the boys and the band, we thought, yep ok, this sounds good.” she laughs.

What is really exciting for southern Queensland is the Adam Eckersley Band – also the studio band on the new album, will be playing at the Lonestar Tavern gig. “We will have the whole band, that’s Adam’s band – we will have a rockin’ time – it’s pretty full on,” laughs Brooke.

Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley will hit the road playing 27 gigs between February and May, along with the release of their self-titled album, ‘Adam & Brooke.’   Catch them at the Lonestar Tavern, Mermaid Waters, Friday 9 March.  Tickets via Oztix

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