Album review: All our Exes Live in Texas | When We Fall

I’ve always loved the name of this band. Don’t we all wish our exes lived in Texas? I know there are days I do. What seems to be their cynical interpretation of the Stepford Wives, or those who may have decided against such a life perhaps just in time, is a comical experience. You smile, until you actually think about it, at which time you become a little philosophical about their lyrical themes and what you might be doing to fight for or against the feminist cause.

I sat down to complete a jigsaw puzzle with a friend as we listened to All Our Exes Live In Texas’ debut offering, When We Fall. My friend’s impression was immediately a reference to the popular Netflix series, Nashville, where politics, industry and country music collide. She LOVES this TV series, and felt similarly about the songs we listened. Musically, the ladies weave lovely harmonies through a variety of bluegrass, folk and country influenced ditties.

Lyrically, they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, planting tongues firmly in cheek on several songs. They sing of love, or love lost, and sometimes just the primal urges a lady feels when she is endeared to a loved one, or angry at him. I particularly enjoyed the concluding song Cadillac and the accompanying music video. I’m gonna get my heart cut out was another highlight, but I must say as a man trying to do right but who has been wronged by the odd lady in the past, my empathy tired quickly. Musically, I was impressed by When We Fall but my female reviewing companion enjoyed the sentiment of the songs more than I.

My album advice for the interested lover of country folk tunes? Gentlemen, tread carefully. Ladies, enjoy.

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