Album review: Aversions Crown | Xenocide

The Australian metal scene is as strong as ever and while it’s been hard to keep up of late, one album that has cut through exceptionally is Aversions Crowns’ Xenocide.

Intense is an understatement when it comes to the band’s sophomore release. The song-writing shows a band that can not only set an atmospheric mood but also one that can take listeners on a heavy and almost cinematic journey. For fans that were hoping to hear the bands evolution, your wish has been granted.

The production of the album is masterfully crafted by Adam Merker from Studio Anders debeerz in Brisbane which really gives this album teeth.

A stand out for me was vocalist Mark Poida’s mind blowing vocal work and lyrics that will send your imagination into overdrive with the album’s dark SciFi concept.

Xenocide has so many great moments musically that it is hard to pick one song in particular as a stand out and is best listened to from start to finish. There are subtle layers revealed after repeated plays and there’s no doubt Aversions Crown are gaining momentum, which will no doubt see them step up to larger venues in the near future.

Xenocide is out now through Nuclear Blast.

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