AKoVA is a Gold Coast based artist whose heartfelt music cements him amongst a growing community of conscious musicians eschewing the mainstream and feeding an ever-increasing audience who are dissatisfied with our leaders, our fractured communities and lack of connectedness.

AKoVA’s third album, ‘Barefoot’ was released in May last year, and in it he presents unfeigned music and stories of love, self awareness, spirituality, and the planet.

His style is folk / roots / dance / alt pop with clear influences of Donovan Leitch and Bob Dylan. This is a diverse album that holds the listener’s attention throughout. AKoVA is not afraid to change up tempo and beat in his songs ‘Butterfly’, ‘Who Am I?’ ‘We are the Only’, and ‘The Space Between’. He keeps up a hypnotic dance beat in ‘Flow’ and ‘We Are the Only’ and shares poetic spoken word in ‘Butterfly’, ‘Quotes’, and ‘Earthrecruit’. He’s also not afraid to explore his dark side on the songs ‘Fears’ and ‘Two Legged Freak’.

However, the single ‘Headlights’ shines (pardon the pun) as the standout track on ‘Barefoot’. The video of the song states at the beginning “My Daughter asked me ‘Dad, how do I know if this guy is the one?’. This is my reply…” The song then presents itself as a beautiful love letter from a father to a daughter.

AKoVA is a sentient musician who deserves his place amongst his contemporaries such as Xavier Rudd and Nahko Bear in helping to uplift and bring communities together, and hopefully bring about positive change.

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