Album Review: Big Fella Linc | Self Titled

Lincoln Hillard is six-foot five, so it’s no wonder he’s adopted the moniker Big Fella Linc. That’s also the name he’s given he’s debut album, which follows from earlier EP Bury My Heart.

Lincoln was a member of well know Gold Coast duo Finkler, and has now branched out with his own style and music.

Put together over many years of writing, it is almost a journey as you listen, and most pleasing on the ears, with a diversity of tunes and moods captured in song. He whittled down 60 songs to 12, and I think he has made some great choices.

Soul to rock, to I’m not sure what, I listened eagerly to hear what surprises the next track would bring. A self-proclaimed guitar toting surfer-dude, you can hear the ocean and almost smell the sea salt in Lincoln’s songs and the Gold Coast features prominently in his tracks.

Everybody always asks what does it sound like? What band, what singer? People like comparisons. Well Big Fella Linc sounds like all sorts of things. With the acoustic overtones, I was surrounded with familiar, but different sounds, a laidback style and vocals reminiscent of the Cruel Sea, and then bumping soaring tones of Ed Keupper and the Laughing Clowns. Even a touch of Go Betweens, but then another track is very much in blues and soul mode.

Big Fella Linc is a collection of different songs and different moods which is a great listen. With ebbs and flows and words that have meaning and feel, love won, love lost, Lincoln sings and writes from the heart. Burleigh as a left is a real love song. Go have a listen – deadest you won’t be disappointed.

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    Linc Hillard

    Cheers Tappa, from one old schooler to another, much appreciated champ!
    See you out in the line up.

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