Album Review: Claire Anne Taylor | Elemental

Redheads have been my nemesis for as long as I remember. Their allure and then the subsequent emotional trauma they unleash has confounded me.

I confess Claire Anne Taylor’s new album Elemental, made me cry at times. She’s a tall lass, with fiery red hair, and a voice that draws you in with its unique tone over folk/blues guitar. The lyrical themes of love and family will resonate with many listeners and definitely moved me.

The album kicks off just so, with the clever hand-clapping Judge, getting my body moving and eliciting a bit of a sing-a-long in the car. From a family of six kids, Claire’s passion for her family is conveyed in the following tracks, with track three, My Mother, The Mountain drawing out the odd tear with beautiful lyrics and emotive vocals.

“If there’s a little bit of her in me, I will rest easy…”

Track six, I Blame the Moon, channels jazz songstresses of old, speaking of the bittersweet frustration of love and loss. For me, the highlight track is Dead to Me, towards the end of the album, and its powerful style rocks out. Maybe it was its pertinent content for me personally but the song resonates long after it ends and its heavy counterpoint to a generally bluesy, mellow album is fantastic. You’ll want to listen to it a few times, I’m sure.

The album closes with Old Love and rolls back through on repeat back into the first track, Judge, seamlessly which these days is a great feature of a well-crafted album.

Claire and her team should be proud of this offering and it’s recommended for those of you out there who like their folky blues brooding and beautiful.


Claire Anne Taylor supports Daniel Champagne, 6 April at Thai Mudgee. Tickets $25.


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