Album Review: Columbia Buffet | How to Survive an Atomic Bomb

Despite having been around the Brisbane live punk scene for years, Columbia Buffet have only recently released their first album, How to Survive an Atomic Bomb. It is an album that casually traverses an interesting line between punk, rock and pop. It’s a style reminiscent of bands like After the Fall, Something With Numbers or Kisschasy, and the album screams road trip!

How to Survive an Atomic Bomb kicks off fast with Atomic Bomb.and followed up by Shapes with lyrics ‘thank you for giving me hell, you made me who I am’ it seems anthem-worthy. With references to bands such as Jethro Tull, Pixies and Bad Religion, Shapes also gives you an insight into Columbia Buffet’s influences.

The next few songs bring a more pop nature to the album and they flow seamlessly into each other, while still maintaining their individuality. The track The Persistence of Memory rounds off this portion of the album with a more ballady feel.

This Hell signals a renewal of the energy and punk style that Daniel Rogan (vocals/guitar) says is natural for Columbia Buffet. It was one of the last songs the guys recorded and by far my favourite on the album. Daniel claims lyrically it is a bit of an existential angst outburst, although with the driving beat and loose guitar it doesn’t sound angsty at all.

One other stand out for me was Everything Small, the tune is pop punk but it’s the lyrics that caught me, the theme being ‘stop complaining about things in life and go change things, go help yourself’.

How to Survive an Atomic Bomb will bring you back to punk days and good times with its catchy and, at the same time, soulful tunes.



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