Album review: Cosmic Psychos | Loudmouth Soup

Influential Aussie pub-punk stalwarts the Cosmic Psychos have been belting out their distinctly unique ruckus for over 30 years now.

So unsurprisingly the band’s latest album (and 10th studio album overall), ‘Loudmouth Soup’ is very much more of a good thing; riffs in turn frenetic and lumbering colliding with monster fuzzed-out bass, augmented with wah-wah infused lead guitar and doused in profanity riddled, funny as hell lyrics, whose underlying wit belie their ‘tossed off’ veneer.

They also manage a few left field detours to keep us on our toes. This is displayed early on in the track ‘Feeling Average’, which channels more of a souped-up, melodic punk vibe than the band’s typical fare, without it being anyone other than the Psychos. It’s a catchy belter that’s sure to slot seamlessly into the band’s live set.

Guitarist John ‘Mad Macca’ McKeering takes lead vocal duties on ‘Dog Shit’, his broad Aussie-yob vocals spelling things out bluntly, while musically it’s not too far removed from his other band, breakneck punk rockers The Onyas.

Bassist and founding member Ross Knight delivers yet another killer riff with profanities combo in the form of ‘Better In The Shed’, a track sure to be chanted back with glee by the lubricated masses at the band’s upcoming live forays.

‘Too Dumb To Die’ (a play on The Ramones album ‘Too Tough To Die’ perhaps?) chugs along on an insistent, one chord riff, while ‘Rat On The Mat’, with its cheeky reference to recent tour-mates The Dune Rats, is another wildcard in the pack of the band’s oeuvre, with its ‘ooh la la la’ backing vocals and stripped back verses.

‘Loudmouth Soup’ is mostly more of the same of a good thing, with just a few new additives to the tried and true recipe, and is yet another worthy addition to the rapidly growing ranks of classic Psychos releases.

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