Album review: Ecca Vandal | Ecca Vandal

When Sri Lankan heritage, African influences and western music collide with an insatiable taste for musical diversity you get Ecca Vandal. A unique performer who is not afraid to kill attempts at putting her into a genre box, Ecca Vandal released her debut full-length album just days ago.

The self-titled album was recorded in a DIY studio in her lounge room and it sounds epic. Ecca is a powerhouse, commanding attention from the start withYour Way’. The song, an interesting eerie punk variation, hints at the smorgasbord of sounds to come.

Fans of Ecca’s earlier work will be well satisfied by raucous punk tune ‘Broke Days Party Nights’ which is a call to live your life to the fullest regardless of financial circumstance. Ecca herself says this song is the story of the making of the album.

‘Ecca Vandal’ is an album that touches on a range of topics and traverses several genres to include a few random collaborations. Raising the issue of the refugee crisis, ‘Price of Living’ features vocals from Dennis Lyxcen of iconic punk trailblazers Refused.

As Ecca says, it is a huge honour, and it speaks volumes of the quality of the album. Then when you want to take on the topic of the modern booty call what better way than with a hip hop slammer featuring verses from Sampa The Great?

‘Future Heroine’, one of my favourites, is an energising track written to empower her friend going through a tough time.

Every song on the album is solid, a testament to Ecca’s fierce determination and sheer musical talent. With sounds from rock’n’roll, through punk and hip hop, ‘Ecca Vandal’ is a worthy album, it’s been on repeat in my car for a week.

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