Album Review: Electric Zebra | Ambition

Electric Zebra are set to be one of the frontrunners on the Gold Coast for rock with their new EP Ambition. The eponymous opening track captures lead singer Keelan Sanders’ raw vocals in a way that they have never been recorded before, thanks to the producing powerhouse that is Konstantin Kersting. The main lick swerves through the track tying each piece of the sonic journey together, all the while floating over a wall of distortion that pushes the song along. Ambition builds to a killer chorus that features Sanders almost sarcastically claiming to be “so happy” before the hook takes over. This track is brilliant, and puts Electric Zebra in the same sentences around the office as Violent Soho and The Smith Street Band, a reputation that the band truly deserve.

The following four tracks lack the punch that Ambition packs, but they make it up in other ways. Twenty starts as an 80’s Sunnyboys-vibed track before it pulls a tight 180 and the crunch kicks in, cutting through the twinkling guitar notes preceding it. EP closer Momentum rounds out what will be one of the Gold Coast’s best rock releases for 2016, offering a piece of sonic brilliance that references the 1990’s incredible bands that emerged from Chicago. There’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing Electric Zebra at the Gold Coast Music Awards later this year.

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