Album Review: Electrik Lemonade | Squeezed Fresh

A band with a reputation as one of the best live acts in the nation always faces pressure when a recording is released. Throughout 2017 and 2018, Gold Coast’s Electrik Lemonade built a reputation for on-stage prowess, culminating in their December performance at the National Live Music Awards ceremony. It’s within this context that Electrik Lemonade fans rightfully held their breath when their new album ‘Squeezed Fresh’ was announced. Would it be all it could be?

Exhale. Everything is as it should be.

The typical fun and carefree vibes loved by lemonheads translate well on the album throughout the 14 tracks. Songs celebrating love, parties, a passion for herb gardens, awareness of canine hip dysplasia and the latest in denim fashion for women are thoughtfully and strategically placed within the recording, seemingly perfectly aligned to raise the listeners spirits whilst alerting them to the important topics about which the lyrics preach. You will laugh and reminisce, and you will want to dance, both “lighting it up” and “getting down” as well.

Highlights include the heartfelt story of Jazzy from Mudgeeraba in ‘Thunderdog’, the catchy and well-received singleSing With Me’, the delightfully unapologetic ‘Applebottom’, and the final track on the album, ‘Say You Feel’, which showcases the incredible vocal stylings of guest performer Leesa Gentz from Hussy Hicks.

Horns and guitar solos compliment the funky tunes and clever poetry of ‘Squeezed Fresh’, and fans of the band will no doubt love what they hear. New fans are inevitable as well, as Electrik Lemonade’s live show on their current album tour augments this release everyone can love.

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