Album Review: Felicity Lawless | Tails

When I agreed to do this review I wasn’t familiar with Felicity Lawless’ music. That’s sad but true. Maybe a little surprising given Felicity’s long and deep connection to the Gold Coast and its music scene.

The great thing about that, though, was that I had no expectations of what I’d hear on her new album, Tails.

A quick look at the track list with titles like Love is The Answer and Who Does Number 2 Work For, and I had a good feeling already, and the tracks did not disappoint.

From the flamenco inspired, almost Mexican-fiesta sounding good time of Cowboy Cameraman to the beautiful melodies of Boundlessly this album hooked me from the beginning.

Tails is a beautiful and well-balanced album, showing off witty song writing with each song highlighting a different strength from Felicity’s repertoire.

The brash and infectious Spanish style guitar, a voice that adapts to each song and melodies that you can’t help but move to.

Felicity’s bio tells of delighted audiences from Spain, through Japan and Australia and I definitely believe it. Tracks like Tragedy in E Minor would be at home in any Spanish tapas bar while Walking the Line would be welcome at any folk style festival.

Current fans will absolutely be impressed with this latest offering from Felicity Lawless.

After listening to Tails I was inspired to listen to her back-catalogue, and I can see now that Tails has built upon a great foundation. Felicity seems to have almost unleashed her music with this release. Tails definitely feels like the work of someone having a great time while still bringing important messages through the lyrics.

I’m definitely a brand new Felicity Lawless fan.


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