Album Review: Hilltop Hoods | The Great Expanse

Highly anticipated new album ‘The Great Expanse’, is classic Hilltop Hoods. All the elements are there: a very Aussie sense of humour, catchy beats, world-class feature artists and lyrics that speak to the human experience. It’s therefore no surprise that lead single, ‘Clarke Griswold’ went Gold and has over 1 million YouTube hits. In addition, follow up single ‘Leave Me Lonely’ was the most added track on commercial radio and was headed for Platinum sales.

While the theme of the album seems to be the deep and serious idea of the Aussie hip hop legends trying to stay true to their values in a crazy world and way of life, the samples and dancefloor-filling beats provide a lighthearted listen. One of the stand out tracks ‘Exit Sign’ (featuring Illy and Ecca Vandal) is the perfect example of this, a nod to real life over celebrity party scene.

‘Be Yourself’ brings some old school scratching grooves and the impeccable vocals of Ecca Vandal and Nyassa. ‘H is for ……’ adds some flair for the dramatic, classic hip hop bravado and a little nod to Aussie rock band Australian Crawl. I’ll let you figure out what the H might be for.

‘The Great Expanse’ is exactly what you would hope for from the Hilltop Hoods, a damn good time with an uplifting undertone. The album is available now on pre-sale so jump in and get your copy ordered for the 22 February release date.


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